A Simple Guide to Operating a Network Scanner

A network scanner is commonly used in offices to digitalise documents for storing and sharing purposes. This allows documents to be sent to email addresses, cloud storage solutions, or network folders. Its compatibility with network environments allows it to seamlessly integrate with document management systems.


6 Ways to Store and Share Your Scanned Documents

There are various ways you can store your documents once they’ve been scanned for ease of access. Today, The Scanner Shop will walk through six ways to digitally store your documents once they’ve been scanned.


5 Best Flatbed Scanners for Your Business

The Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner is a popular choice for photographers and graphic designers. Its ability to create high-quality scans of images, films, documents, and negatives makes it the perfect versatile scanner.


The Environmental Benefits of Document Scanning

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses across the globe are starting to incorporate environmental practices into their daily routines. When it comes to adopting effective solutions, document scanning can be overlooked.


Scanning Tips and Tricks: How to Get the Best Results

Whether you’re new to operating a scanner or your scans aren’t quite living up to your expectations, we’re here to help you achieve high-quality results. It can take a few attempts to master the art of scanning, but with the effort, you’ll end up with scans that live up to the standards of professional practices.

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Bureau Scanning & Document Management

Bureau scanning & document management refers to the process of digitising physical documents using scanning equipment and managing the digital copies in a systematic and efficient manner.


Document Scanner Jargon Busting

Document scanning involves the process of converting physical documents into digital format. The terminology used when describing document scanners and their attributes can be confusing.


Transforming Healthcare With Kodak Alaris S3000 A3 Scanners

Digitisation is an efficient way to integrate technology into daily operations and Kodak Alaris S3000 A3 scanners are a great solution for healthcare organisations looking to streamline their workflow. Kodak’s A3 scanners help create efficient workflows that benefit both staff and patients, making it easier to manage paperwork and ultimately enhance patient care.

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Best Compact A4 Document Scanner

Compact document scanners are popular devices that allow users to quickly and conveniently digitise A4 documents, photos, driving licence cards, passports and more. A4 compact scanners are designed to be portable, space-saving, and user-friendly. Compact A4 document scanners are ideally situated on the desk top of a small business but also portable enough to carry between locations, making the compact mini scanner ideal for business users who split their time between small office and home office work environments.

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Epson A4 Scanner Cashback Promotion

Epson customers can claim up to £150 cash back on selected A4 scanners. With over 21 products to choose from, including A4 document scanners and A4 flatbed scanners there really is something for everyone.

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How to scan a document into Microsoft Word

Physical documents can take up a lot of space! If you’re trying to organise a cluttered home or office, having piles of papers lying around can make tidying hard. So, how can you use your document scanner to make changing documents in Microsoft Word easier?

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Best Paper Shredder

Shredding documents is a common practice for disposing of sensitive or confidential information to prevent unauthorised access or identity theft. From now until 30th April 2024 ScanSnap are offering a FREE Leitz IQ home office P4 business shredder with every ScanSnap iX1300, iX1400 and iX1600 A4 document scanner purchase.


Everything You Need to Know About Flatbed Scanners

A flatbed scanner provides a flat, glass surface for scanning documents, photographs and other items, making it a great choice. This topical scanner operates similarly to a photocopier, yet it creates a digital copy instead of a paper document.


5 Great Benefits of Large Format Scanners

Large format scanners include advanced technology that allows them to capture and enhance details in high resolution. This makes them ideal for architectural blueprints, detailed maps, and intricate designs.

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5 Best Photo Scanners for 2024

The Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner is versatile, designed to cater to both photography enthusiasts and professionals. With a high resolution of 6400 dpi for film scanning and 4800 dpi for photo scanning, this has many benefits compiled into a compact design.

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Portable Large Format Scanners

Colortrac large format scanners are known for their quality and performance. The portable SmartLF! series scan up to A0 and can be operated on-site or in the office.


7 Best Portable Scanners of 2023

Portable scanners are lightweight, compact, and have just as many technical capabilities as full-size scanners. Select a manual or sheetfed model depending on your daily requirements.

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Best 35mm Film Scanners

Plustek OpticPro 8200i SE and Epson Perfection V850 Pro are two excellent choices for 35mm film scanning.

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Fujitsu - Ricoh Rebrand

From April 2023 all fi-series and SP series Fujitsu scanners will be re-branded, products will be the same, apart from the logo on the product changing to Ricoh.

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Best A4 Desktop Scanners of 2023

In this article we recommend five of the best A4 desktop scanners available in 2023. All of our recommendations are perfect for office or home use and will take up minimal space on your desktop.

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Brother ScanEssentials Software

Brother ScanEssentials is a Windows based scanning application that provides professional scan functionality. The software is bundled with Brother Scanners.


How does a scanner work?

Scanners might be an integral part of your workplace, whether in the office or at home, but have you ever considered how a scanner works?


Finding a Scanner for Drawings: Top 5 Products for 2023

Today, The Scanner Shop will take you through the process of finding a scanner for drawings, paintings and various art forms. We’ll tell you exactly what artists should look for and how each of our top five picks could make your life easier.

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BMI Solutions Has Now Ceased Trading

The Scanner Shop were saddened to hear of the recent demise of BMI Solutions. For cost-effective document scanner repair, service and support, contact us today.

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Fujitsu fi-8000 Series

Fujitsu's fi-8000 series document scanners are the market leaders. Improvements have been made to the preceding fi-7000 series. Read our blog post for more info.


The Shoebox Scanner

A shoebox scanner, or A4 photo scanner, is a compact desktop scanner that is capable of quickly processing large batches of photographs. In this blog post we compare the Canon imageFORMULA RS40 and the Epson FastFoto FF-680W.

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ScanSnap iX1600 Jabra Headset Promotion

With hybrid work styles becoming increasingly popular in 2022, it is important to optimise your workspace. Fujitsu’s fantastic new offer helps you to digitise your paperwork and collaborate in comfort. From 1st June until 30th September 2022 when you buy the super-efficient ScanSnap iX1600 document scanner you will receive a free* Jabra Evolve2 30 headset.

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Canon Gold Partner Award 2022

The Document Management Group are proud to announce that we have been awarded the coveted Canon Gold Partner status for 2022. Our local knowledge and expertise, within document management solutions ensure that you, the customer, can rely and depend on us.

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Creating Mesmeric Images With The Epson V850 Pro

Paul Kenny is a celebrated British photographer who’s been creating and developing critically acclaimed artworks for over half a century. Paul now uses the Epson V850 Pro flatbed scanner as a medium for his creativity.

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How Scanners Help Students and Teachers

Scanners are an extremely useful and powerful tool that can help revolutionise the classroom. We have put this blog together to show you how you can take teaching or learning to the next level by investing in a new scanner.

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Wi-Fi v Network Document Scanners

What are the differences between Wi-Fi and network document scanners? We have compared attributes, explained the technology and suggested product examples.


Epson LED Flatbed Scanner Technology

ReadyScan LED technology is a major advancement in Flatbed scanners. We have selected three scanners that incorporate LED lamps and explain the benefits.

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The 4 Best Receipt Scanners in the UK 2021 | The Scanner Shop

The Scanner Shop is seeing a rise in requests for receipt scanners and double-sided scanning (duplex scanning). Whilst nearly all modern-day document scanners are duplex ready as standard, some are better than others when handling receipts. Read our review of some of the best receipt scanners in 2021

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Adobe Acrobat vs Adobe Acrobat PRO DC – What’s the difference?

Adobe Acrobat PRO DC is available as a free download online, although Fujitsu ScanSnap are currently offering a promotion with their iX1400 & iX1600 document scanners whereby customers can claim a free version of the upgrade Adobe Acrobat Pro DC license for 12 months.

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What is Perfect Page Image Enhancement?

Perfect Page is a document scanner driver provided by Kodak Alaris. It not only connects the scanner to your computer, allowing it to be identified as a compatible device, but also acts as a piece of image enhancement software.


Best Document Scanners for Home Office in 2021

The Scanner Shop has rounded up some of the best document scanners for home office scanning and document management in 2021. These are compact desktop scanners, ideal for daily and routine paper scanning for those working from home.

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The Best A3 Scanners in 2021

We are often asked, “which is the best A3 scanner?” Well, there is a lot of choice available and they can be purchased in both flatbed and sheet-fed forms. We’ll explain a few of our choices for the best A3 scanners in 2021 in this post.


How to choose a networkable scanner for office documents in 2021

Networkable scanners offer versatility and advanced push-scan features in comparison to USB-connected document scanners. They are connected via ethernet cable, once initially installed to a lead computer, and then are able to be placed anywhere in an office environment. Find out which networkable scanners to choose in 2021

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6 Best A4 Document & Photograph Scanners to Buy in 2021

If you are looking to digitise the documents which have been piling up whilst working from home in lockdown or want to streamline your business’s document retrieval process, then these are the best A4 document or photo scanners to do so in 2021.

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Bureau Scanning: Returning to Work, Saving Space

Your office might be able to remap the layout of its desks in order to create more even space between stations. Though, to do this you will need to remove as many unnecessary objects as possible. Filing cabinets filled with paper are a heavy, clunky waste of space. Find out how Bureau Scanning can help your business

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Fujitsu Launch New SP-N Range

Fujitsu have launched their latest editions in the SP range of document scanners. These three new scanners, the SP-1120N, SP-1125N and SP-1130N, continue in the same vain as their popular predecessors and add a range of new features to improve functionality. In this blog post, we will be looking at some of the key improvements and how they benefit their target audience.

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Image Enhancement: Vital Scanner Software

Image Enhancement is a critical step in document scanning. Essentially, it is a process in which a physical document is scanned, then digitally enhanced, so that it may be more clearly readable onscreen. Continue reading to find view options!


Self-Employed Scanning

The Scanner Shop has compiled a list of the perfect scanners to help newly self-employed business people edicate the time spent on adinistrative document management. Focus more time on your business strategy and take the hassle out of paperwork with these powerful and good-value scanners!


The Canon DR-G1100 A3 Document Scanner

The Canon DR-G1100 is a high-end scanner capable of handling heavy workloads and still producing high-quality images at an incredible rate. The DR-G1100 is designed with operators in mind – and here’s how.


Our Top Scanner Deals in April

We've been looking through our vast selection of scanners to find the best Canon deals for April, and we've come up with three exceptional scanners that are all available for a very competitive price here at The Scanner Shop.


Which Is The Best New Brother Scanner For You?

We have a range of Brother scanners available for customers. However, people looking for a new scanner may be wondering which particular item is best suited to their needs. We have taken four of the most popular Brother scanners to compare their features including speed, features and price.


Questions To Ask Before Buying A Scanner

You may need a new scanner for your home or business. But what scanner? There are so many different types available with varying capabilities that choosing the right scanner to suit your needs is as important as choosing a scanner at all.


Future of Scanning: How Wi-Fi Scanners can save you time

We at the are actively searching for the latest innovations to help us, and you, use our time more efficiently. Therefore, we have been testing out the new Canon DR-C125W and Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 wireless scanners. By catching up with the handheld age, these two companies have produced scanners which utilise Wi-Fi access in order to transmit information to any ‘Smart’ device, such as your iPhone, iPad or Android.


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