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Bureau Scanning: Returning to Work, Saving Space

Your office might be able to remap the layout of its desks in order to create more even space between stations. Though, to do this you will need to remove as many unnecessary objects as possible. Filing cabinets filled with paper are a heavy, clunky waste of space. Find out how Bureau Scanning can help your business

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Fujitsu Launch New SP-N Range

Fujitsu have launched their latest editions in the SP range of document scanners. These three new scanners, the SP-1120N, SP-1125N and SP-1130N, continue in the same vain as their popular predecessors and add a range of new features to improve functionality. In this blog post, we will be looking at some of the key improvements and how they benefit their target audience.

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Image Enhancement: Vital Scanner Software

Image Enhancement is a critical step in document scanning. Essentially, it is a process in which a physical document is scanned, then digitally enhanced, so that it may be more clearly readable onscreen. Continue reading to find view options!


Self-Employed Scanning

The Scanner Shop has compiled a list of the perfect scanners to help newly self-employed business people edicate the time spent on adinistrative document management. Focus more time on your business strategy and take the hassle out of paperwork with these powerful and good-value scanners!


The business advantage with PaperStream Capture Pro

For organisations that depend on paper-based processes, PaperStream Capture Pro is the scanning, extracting and releasing software that enables you to digitise your paper-based data in order to optimise your information flow and knowledge sharing.


The Canon DR-G1100

The Canon DR-G1100 is a high-end scanner capable of handling heavy workloads and still producing high-quality images at an incredible rate. The DR-G1100 is designed with operators in mind – and here’s how.


Our Top Scanner Deals in April

We've been looking through our vast selection of scanners to find the best Canon deals for April, and we've come up with three exceptional scanners that are all available for a very competitive price here at The Scanner Shop.


Which Is The Best New Brother Scanner For You?

We have a range of Brother scanners available for customers. However, people looking for a new scanner may be wondering which particular item is best suited to their needs. We have taken four of the most popular Brother scanners to compare their features including speed, features and price.


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Questions To Ask Before Buying A Scanner

You may need a new scanner for your home or business. But what scanner? There are so many different types available with varying capabilities that choosing the right scanner to suit your needs is as important as choosing a scanner at all.


Future of Scanning: How Wi-Fi Scanners can save you time

We at the are actively searching for the latest innovations to help us, and you, use our time more efficiently. Therefore, we have been testing out the new Canon DR-C125W and Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 wireless scanners. By catching up with the handheld age, these two companies have produced scanners which utilise Wi-Fi access in order to transmit information to any ‘Smart’ device, such as your iPhone, iPad or Android.


New Website Online

Welcome to our new blog pages, welcome to our new web-site, we bring you the scanner you want, delivered direct to your door! Welcome to!!