Fujitsu Launch Unique fi-800r Passport & ID Scanner

Fujitsu have released their revolutionary new mixed document scanner, the Fujitsu fi-800R.

The Document Management Group were invited to the official unveiling of Fujitsu exciting new product, alongside other prominent members of the document solution industry. The event began with three short demonstrations, highlighting the unique workflow of the new machine.

The product features two separate document feeders. One is a straight-through style path for the scanning of thick documents such as passports or ID cards, the other takes the form of a U-Turn path, for A4 documents and is designed to benefit front of office members of staff who are expected to deliver excellent and fast customer facing service.

The machine helps staff members to do this by improving the speed in which important legal documentation can be passed through its straight-through feed, removing the need for carrier sheets or setting configuration.

Think of reception desk workers in hotels, hospitals or businesses who require guests to wear visitor passes. ID cards can be scanned very quickly, whilst any completed forms can be fed through the U-Turn and captured with ease.

Fujitsu’s Paperstream Capture, with in-built OCR software, comes bundled with the product. This allows users to quickly capture useful information such as name, date and ID number before using for their own needs.

A great example of where the Fujitsu fi-800R can save time is during university or college induction days. Most students are expected to where a lanyard with their student ID held inside. On induction days, thousands of students wait in line whilst their legal information is captured, processed and their passes are created.

• The fi-800R can greatly improve the speed of this process by reducing the time taken to scan students ID cards and induction documents with its duel feed.
• School staff are allowed more time to interact with students and ask the vital questions that they need to in order to complete each process.
• Paperstream Capture stores vital information and holds within its database in searchable PDF form, allowing universities or colleges to recall this information quickly and at will.

There are countless other examples in which the fi-800R can excel and speed up lengthy processes for front-of-desk members of staff.

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