Cheque and Voucher Scanning

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Cheque and coupon scanning require a particular kind of document scanner designed with a specific purpose in mind.

Found in many banks, accounting firms and financial or legal consultancies, cheque scanners provide an easy way of processing the many documents you will have to deal with daily. 

The cheque scanners are extremely quick, and some feature UV light facilities with MRIC technology, allowing for detailed UV ink or print reading. This helps automatically log the cheque details, such as the account number, cheque number, and bank code.

Vouchers or coupons can also be scanned by these models for retail facilities. With a compact design, these can be placed efficiently in a retail environment for frequent use.

Additionally, a user-friendly interface means you won’t have to spend much time training your staff on how to use them. By reducing human error and increasing speed time, cheque and voucher scanners improve the success and efficiency of your company. 

All cheque and coupon scanners will receive next business day delivery when ordered before 2pm Monday to Friday. 

Call us on 0845 147 8928 if you would like to enquire about these products.

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Ricoh fi-70F A6 Scanner
  • Page SizeA6
  • Resolution600 dpi
  • CompatibilityWindows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Scanning SpeedUp to 15 ppm
  • Feeder Capacityx1 A6 Document
£216.00 ex. VAT
Canon CR L1 Cheque Scanner
  • Page SizeCheque / Coupon
  • Resolution300 dpi
  • CompatibilityWindows 10, Windows 11
  • Scanning Speed45ppm
  • Feeder Capacity50 cheques
£725.00 ex. VAT
Canon CR-120 Cheque Scanner
  • Page SizeCheque / Coupon
  • Resolution600 dpi
  • CompatibilityWindows 10
  • Scanning Speed120ppm
  • Feeder Capacity150 cheques
£875.00 ex. VAT
Epson TM-S9000MJ Cheque Scanner
  • Page SizeCheque / Coupon
  • Resolution300 dpi
  • CompatibilityWindows 10
  • Scanning Speed200ppm
  • Feeder Capacity100 sheets
£1648.00 ex. VAT
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Can Cheque and Voucher scanners read handwritten cheques?

Yes, many modern scanners have built-in OCR technology, which allows them to process hand-written cheques.

Are Cheque and Voucher scanners secure to use for financial transactions?

Yes, they contain safety features which can detect fraud and ensure secure data transmission. These results in safe financial transactions.

Can Cheque and Voucher scanners print on cheques?

Yes, some cheque and voucher scanner models can print directly onto the documents. Check the manufacturer's specifications before buying this feature.

Can a cheque and voucher scanner reject a cheque?

Yes, if a cheque and voucher scanner detects fraud or can’t read the document, it will reject it. Different scanners will have various rejection criteria. 

How fast do these scanners process cheques?

Typically, cheque and voucher scanners can process several hundred cheques per minute. This will vary depending on the model of the scanner.