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Nextimage 5 software for Contex large format scanners is designed to optimise results for every use, Nextimage brings out unseen details and restores even the faintest originals. Scan in vibrant colour in sRGB, Adobe RGB and even save to 48-bit with selected scanners. Capture and improve maps using advanced filters colour reduction options. Digitise and restore monochrome originals with unique adaptive filters and advanced background suppression.

Scan, enhance and save your original in one single process. 

Batch scanning 
No need to press ‘scan’ every single time you feed the scanner a new original. 

Auto rotate 
Mark areas on the scan you want to align with using the ‘align to measure line’. 

This is what you need if you want to take extra good care of your fragile originals. Use this option to have the scanner take extra special care when loading, accelerating and ejecting by slowing everything down a little bit. 

Printer compatibility 
No large format scanner software has a longer list of compatible printer drivers than Nextimage REPRO.

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No file size limit 
Utilising the full 64-bit OS, Nextimage is able to capture the longest originals in the industry. No original is too big for this software because if limits are reached in TIF and PDF file formats Nextimage quickly switches to creating multiple images per page to ensure nothing is left unscanned. 

Save time with Nextimage Remote app for Apple and Android tablets 
Nextimage Remote cleverly mimics the Nextimage program running on the PC and controls the scanner as if it had been instructed using the computer directly. This app can vastly reduce the amount the operator needs to move between the scanner and the workstation. 

Nextimage software supports all Contex large format scanners and delivers a complete set of tools to ensure image quality for all tasks.