PaperStream Capture Pro

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PaperStream Capture Pro is the advanced scanning, extracting and releasing software for Fujitsu fi Series and SP Series document scanners. It enables you to optimise your information capture, data consolidation and routing of paper-based information into digitally-accelerated processes.

By scanning, verifying, extracting, indexing and releasing the information in paper documents, PaperStream Capture Pro streamlines your information flow and facilitates your knowledge sharing processes, resulting in improved workflows, increased efficiency, easier compliance, better visibility, greater agility and enhanced customer experiences

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Is PaperStream Capture Pro right for my business?

Choose PaperStream Capture Pro if you:

  • Have a single workstation or multiple scanners across different departments or teams
  • Need to capture and create comprehensive index information from paper sources in a digital format to achieve more efficient working
  • Would benefit from optimised image quality through enhanced image processing and post-scan correction
  • Would like to increase efficiency with convenient image batch and transactional batch capture processes across teams
  • Need a solution that can easily integrate into your existing applications
  • Foresee your business evolving and want the reassurance of a scalable solution that matches your changing needs

The smarter solution for progressing from paper to digital processes

Available to purchase for use with Fujitsu’s fi Series and SP Series document scanners, PaperStream Capture Pro enables you to automatically and reliably convert documents to a digital format. Once in a digital format, you can release the data into a downstream process – targeting archives, knowledge bases or workflows.  

Combining comprehensive driver, powerful image optimisation and full-featured capture software, PaperStream Capture Pro allows you to:

  • Manage and control information capture workflows
  • Automate and streamline processes
  • Save time and reduce manual input to be more cost-effective
  • Improve the speed of access to information
  • Expand sharing of knowledge
  • Integrate into any workflow

Become a smarter business with PaperStream Capture Pro

Combining PaperStream Capture Pro with Fujitsu’s industry-leading scanner technology puts your business in the fast lane. From simple set up to scanning and releasing, PaperStream Capture Pro enables you to:

  • Improve productivity with a better process throughout
  • Ensure compliance with records security and accessibility
  • Decrease paper dependency and increase location and outsourcing flexibility
  • Reduce data entry costs
  • See and control investment costs with a flat fee perpetual license scheme
  • Scale from one to multiple workstations