Kodak Capture Pro Software

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Kodak is committed to making image and data capture ever more productive, more accurate and more versatile. KODAK Capture Pro Software brings you powerful, flexible batch capture and productivity with Kodak scanners and other popular scanners in any capture scenario. With numerous automated functions, flexible scale-up, no click charges, and an array of highly versatile output choices, KODAK Capture Pro Software delivers great value.

Additional Information

All Kodak alaris scanners up to and including the i4000 scanners come with Capture Pro Limited Edition and Smart Touch software.

The i5000 scanners do not come with any free software.

The full version of Capture Pro is an upgrade for all document scanners. The software enables increased functionality including, the performance of generating searchable PDF’s, multiple index fields and network capability*.

*Increased functions depend on which version of Kodak Capture Pro is used.

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