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My Payment Failed - What do I do? 

We use a secure gateway payment system for e-commerce, called Braintree. This tool allows you to enter card details into the checkout process and for us to collect payment.

If you tried to pay via Braintree and received an Order Failed message, this is usually due to the address and postcode on the bank card not matching the address and postcode entered into the checkout process.

Please double check the address on your bank card and retype. The address entered into the checkout process should match the address on any bank statement exactly. This is to prevent fraud.

Alternatively, a card may be declined due to a spending limit applied to the card or registered bank account. Please also check this before continuing.

If you have done this and still receive a failed order message, please contact us. 

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If you have recently upgraded your computer’s operating system to a Windows 10 platform, it may be that your computer no longer recognises your scanner. This is because your scanners’ driver, connecting the scanner to computer, is out of date.
A lot of scanners, especially those over five years old, will no longer receive operating system software updates for their drivers and, therefore, will not work on Windows 10.

To keep your document management system as up to date as possible, you should replace your machine. Follow the link to view our range of modern document scanners:

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Yes, in fact nearly all modern scanners are 'duplex' scanners. These are scanners that will scan both sides of a page at once. Furthermore, if one side of the document is blank, then most modern scanners are complete with 'blank page detection', meaning they will not display you any blank pages. Any 'simplex' scanners are labelled as such in the product description.

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We always recommend Epson brand A3 flatbed scanners for those looking to reproduce high detail colour documents. We get many enquiries from those in the fine art, graphic design and photographic industries and all are looking for the best possible quality image reproduction. Epson are the only major manufacturer who focus their efforts into A3 flatbed scanning. They build their machines with image quality in mind and their products have colour sensors and high tech lighting in place to make sure fine detail is captured.

For those on a tighter budget, we do offer a range of Plustek A3 scanners. These units have high dpi resolutions, but do not have the in-built technology of the Epson range. We would recommend these for beginners looking to test their need for scanned work.

However, we would not recommend the Plustek OpticSlim 1180 for colour reproduction. The colour sensors in this machine simply are not up to scratch for professional art work or colour capture. Please consider the Plustek A320L if you wish to capture A3 colour documents on a budget.

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Improved Security & Access for Scanfile Version 10

Scanfile version 10 is here and with it come a host of new upgrades and features, which will improve users’ workflow systems and ease administrators’ security queries.

Bureau Scanning: Returning to Work, Saving Space

Your office might be able to remap the layout of its desks in order to create more even space between stations. Though, to do this you will need to remove as many unnecessary objects as possible. Filing cabinets filled with paper are a heavy, clunky waste of space. Find out how Bureau Scanning can help your business

Fujitsu Launch New SP-N Range

Fujitsu have launched their latest editions in the SP range of document scanners. These three new scanners, the SP-1120N, SP-1125N and SP-1130N, continue in the same vain as their popular predecessors and add a range of new features to improve functionality. In this blog post, we will be looking at some of the key improvements and how they benefit their target audience.

Product Spotlight: Epson Workforce DS-30000 & DS-32000

Epson have released two state-of-the-art A3 scanning devices to compliment their industry leading WorkForce range. Read on
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Scanner Repair & Service
On site repair, service or replacement scanners, get a quote from our support help desk
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Scanner Consumables
Find consumables for your scanner. Roller kits, glass readers and flatbed accessories available for all brands
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Bureau Service
We collect & scan your documents. Large or small volumes, organised to a very high quality standard.
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