5 Great Benefits of Large Format Scanners

Large-format scanners are designed to scan oversized documents or 3D structures. 

This includes fine art, posters, artefacts, building materials, and more, making it ideal for artists and architects. Their large nature makes it perfect for offices or art studios, serving as a tool with multiple uses. 

There are various benefits of large format scanners for businesses or personal endeavours. Stick with the scanner shop to learn all the ways large-format scanners can enhance your work.

1. Enhanced Image Quality

Large format scanners include advanced technology that allows them to capture and enhance details in high resolution. 

This makes them ideal for architectural blueprints, detailed maps, and intricate designs. They also capture colour with high fidelity, accurately reflecting the original hues of the scanned product for the perfect finish. 

Integrated enhancement tools such as noise reduction, contrast, clarity, and skewing correction, help to produce high-quality scans of images. This includes a range of media, from glossy photographs to matte drawings.

2. Increased Productivity

These scanners are designed to scan documents at a faster speed, handling large workloads to increase productivity.

Large format scanners integrate easily with existing digital workflows, and they are compatible with network drives, cloud storage, or document management systems. 

This also reduces the need for manual storing, reducing clutter and upgrading organisation in busy office environments.

3. Versatility in Scanning

From thin paper documents to thick cardstock, textiles, and more, large format scanners can handle a diverse range of materials.

This also includes a range of sizes, from A4 documents to oversized blueprints. Some models can integrate with various software, including CAD (Computer-Aided Design), GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and document management systems.

For advanced scanning, these scanners can handle 3D objects such as artwork or ornamental pieces. 

4. Cost-Effective Solution

With various sizes and models of large-format scanners available, you can find a scanner that is perfect for you within your price range. 

Whether you’re looking for a portable large-format scanner or a stationary scanner, we have everything you need at The Scanner Shop. 

By owning a large format scanner, businesses can bring scanning activities in-house, reducing the cost and time of searching for outside help. Although they have a high upfront cost, these will save you money in the long term, offering a good return on investment.

Their multi-use nature also reduces the need for different scanners in one office space.

5. Enhanced Collaboration and Sharing

Large format scanners can convert large physical documents into digital formats, which can be shared via email, cloud storage, or network drives.

This allows multiple people to access the document simultaneously for convenience and efficient collaboration. Their high-quality scanning ability also reduces the risk of misinterpretation or misunderstanding between colleagues.

With a range of file formats available, including PDF, TIFF, and JPEG, these can be used for various projects, both large and small.

Uses for Large Format Scanners

Various industries can greatly benefit from large-format scanners. Some of these include: 

  • Architecture and engineering: For scanning blueprints, technical drawings, and schematics. 

  • Graphic design and art: To digitise artwork, especially for large canvases or detailed pieces.

  • Construction and land surveying: For digitising site plans and survey maps. 

  • Government and planning departments: For scanning historical documents, maps, and plans for urban planning and public works.

  • Educational institutions and libraries: For large documents, historical records, maps, and manuscripts.

  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems): To digitise geological maps and large-format geographical information.

Invest in a Large Format Scanner with The Scanner Shop

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