Improved Security & Access for Scanfile Version 10

Scanfile version 10 is here and with it come a host of new upgrades and features, which will improve users’ workflow systems and ease administrators’ security queries. 

Introduction - Improved Security & Windows 10 Compatability

The new version, initially launched inScreenshot 2020-09-30 12.22.13.png 2018, is a flexible document management solution created by Spielberg, offering users a complete document management system from scanning to storage and retrieval. The package is some of the most customisable document management software available and can be tailored – both in module build and pricing structure – to suit your businesses’ needs completely. 

First of all, version 10 allows users to upgrade their operating system to Windows 10, which is crucial. Scanfile version 9 will not work alongside Windows 10, so for those looking for the latest operating system access, it is a crucial update on their current system.

Secondly, it is written on the ultra-secure Microsoft Azure SQL database. This is an upgrade from previous versions’ access-style database systems and offers administrators piece of mind knowing that their documents are securely stored in one of the safest databases on the planet. 

Scanfile Enterprise or Small Business Editions

Furthermore, Scanfile V10 can be purchased as a one-off licence in either Enterprise or Small-Business Edition and stored on your company’s own server. Enterprise Edition is an unlimited version, for businesses who require a large number of licences for many staff and includes TWAIN drivers and features such as Full Audit Trail, Life Cycle Management, SDK, COLD. Whereas, Small-Business Edition allows up to 15 members of staff to access the software. It includes the same features and TWAIN drivers. Both versions can be enhanced by optional modules, which allow your staff added benefits and abilities when using Scanfile.

Modules included in the initial service can be found on the right, along with all the optional modules. Your business may not need every available module but might find certain added features useful. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any queries regarding specific modules and their functions.

The Document Management Group - The UK's Leading Supplier of Scanfile

Scanfile is a document management solution, produced by Spielberg and supplied by The Document Management Group within the UK. The Document Management Group Ltd is an experienced system intergator which wholly owns The Scanner Shop e-commerce site. 

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