Securing Data Capture in the Healthcare Sector

Data capture within the healthcare sector is vast. Medical professionals extract massive amounts of sensitive data per day. Although a higher percentage of paper is now becoming digitised, paper remains critical. Hard copies containing patient letters, referrals and reports continue to be physically moved across healthcare practices and departments.

Carol Hannam, Canon Health Sector Director, explains that “One NHS Trust told us they estimate, they are moving 70 tons of paper a day across all their locations”. 

Loss of documents can result in delayed treatment; confidential information being compromised or even legal action. Replacing lost information is time consuming or in some cases impossible. Scanning, on-site, is a solution that will help. By introducing the correct document management solution, the risk of losing important documentation is significantly reduced and sensitive patient data can be protected.

Three Step Solution

Patient data capture

Scanning paper documents is the first critical step in your journey towards faster, easier access to accurate patient information. However, the task of converting paper documents into digital information can be time consuming and frustrating. Poor quality scanned images and unreliable hardware can lead to wasted time and effort in repeating this process. Canon’s award-winning range of document scanners are trusted nationally by healthcare providers to convert their paper documents accurately and reliably into clear electronic copies, getting it right first time.

Document preparation

Document preparation can be a time-consuming task. Incorrect preparation can cause unnecessary bottlenecks and delays when it comes to scanning paper documents. The Instant Staple Remover A1 has been shown to reduce document preparation time by over 60% and will ensure that none of your documents have torn edges – this greatly reduces the risk of paper jams which can further delay the scanning process.

Integration with your software

Digitisation for healthcare professionals is a big challenge, it requires changes to legacy processes and long-established ways of working. It is vital that hardware and software work together to deliver an efficient solution. Canon’s award-winning range of document scanners can integrate with many systems used in today’s healthcare environments, such as FileDirector, Cerner, Lorenzo, DocMan, Kofax and numerous other software applications. Efficient integration facilitates improved cross-functional collaboration and accessibility to safe, accurate and secure patient records.

NHS infographic.png

Recommended Canon Document Scanners

 imageFORMULA DR-C230

Canon’s DR-C230 scanner is an ideal for any hospital department or GP surgery. A compact, A4, desktop scanner that is perfect for:

  • GP and specialist referral letters
  • Lab test results
  • Prescriptions
  • Patient reports
  • Nursing and midwifery reports
  • ECG printouts

The DR-C230 is an A4 desktop scanner which offers reliability and supreme productivity at an affordable price.

DR-C230 and S150.jpg

imageFORMULA DR-S150

The DR-S150 is another compact A4 document scanner from Canon with network connectivity and a large colour LCD touchscreen for easy operation. Secure login options can be configured, ensuring security policies are adhered to. The S150 has a consistently high-performance level of 45ppm scan speed and up to 4,000 pages per day. The Canon DR-S150 is ideal for numerous healthcare departments including:

  • Reception 
  • Radiology
  • HR
  • A&E 

 imageFORMULA DR-G2140

Perfect for organisations who need high-speed productivity, superior image quality and dependable feeding performance. The DR-G2140, A3 document scanner is robust, simple to use and performs quietly. High productivity is guaranteed thanks to its impressive 145 pages per minute scanning speed and 500-sheet document feeder. This is the ultimate scanner to help improve clinical efficiency, releasing valuable time to focus on patient care.

G2140 plus staple remover A1.jpg

For a limited time only The Scanner Shop are offering the DR-G2140 with a FREE Canon Instant Staple Remover A1 or a FREE Canon P-208II portable scanner. FREE delivery is also included.

The Canon document scanner portfolio is an excellent option for healthcare departments focused on secure data extraction. For leasing contracts and a document management solution tailored to your organisation please contact us. 

Published 04/11/2022