Questions To Ask Before Buying A Scanner


You may need a new scanner for your home or business. But what scanner? There are so many different types available with varying capabilities that choosing the right scanner to suit your needs is as important as choosing a scanner at all. Before making a purchase you need to assess what exactly you will be using it for, how you may be using it and what kind of quantity of scanning may be required.

To help make your decision, we have compiled a guide of some of the most common questions customers tend to ask when they are thinking of purchasing a scanner, and have provided some information about what options are available to meet your needs.

How much scanning do you need to do?

If you only plan to scan the occasional document then any decent quality scanner will be able to do the job. However, some medium to large sized businesses may be scanning hundreds of documents every single day. If this is the case, you need a scanner that can work quickly. You don't want there to be a queue for the machine, slowing down operations and limiting productivity. Canon scanners have a range of different products to fulfil these requirements. There are top of the range scanners like the DR-X10C that are capable of scanning over 125 pages per minute or the more budget conscious DR-7550C scanner with a 75 pages per minute capacity.

What computer(s) are you using?

Mac or PC? When you are choosing a scanner, you need to check which ones are compatible for the type of computer you are storing the information on. One of the best brands for duel-capabilities are Epson's scanners. Most of their products on sale at Scanner Shop will work on both Windows and Mac computers. They will be labelled as such.

What sized documents will you be scanning?

If there is a particular size of document that you will scanning more than others, you will want to invest in a scanner that is best suited for that kind of work. For instance, those who are scanning cheques on a regular basis may be inclined to invest in something like the Fujitsu FI-65F scanner that is designed specifically for A6 documents. Fujitsu also has a range of A3 scanners for larger documents or images such as the fi-6750S or fi-6770.