Which Is The Best New Brother Scanner For You?


Brother is one of the most respected names in the scanning industry. Their products have been leading the industry for a great many years promising innovation, reliability and affordability. At The Scanner Shop, we have a range of Brother scanners available for customers. However, people looking for a new scanner may be wondering which particular item is best suited to their needs. We have taken four of the most popular Brother scanners  - The Brother ADS-2400N, Brother ADS-2800W, Brother ADS-3000N and Brother ADS-3600W - to compare their features including speed, features and price.

Scanning Speed

In a busy office where lots of scanning is required, the speed with which a scanner can save documents can be a major concern. A scanner that doesn't meet a certain speed may slow down business and decrease productivity. All of the Brother scanners have great speeds. The ADS-2400 and ADS-2800, both of which are the more affordable models, can scan 30 pages per minute. Meanwhile, if you require slightly more, the ADS-3000N and ADS-3600W can reach scanning speeds of around 50 pages per minute. Regardless of speed, every scanner will be able to digitize documents are 600x600 dpi resolutions and in colour or greyscale.

Compatibility And Capacity

No matter which Brother scanner you choose you will be rewarded with excellent capacity. All of the options have a feeder that can carry 50 documents at any given time. Let's consider that you get either of the ADS-2400 or ADS-2800 models. You would be able to 50 pages in one go and it would all be completed in just one minute and 40 seconds. The 50-pages-per-minute ADS-3000N and ADS-3600W models, which are sold at a slightly higher price, will obviously be able to scan the entire capacity in the stated minute. All of these models, furthermore, can work on a number of different platforms. They work on Windows 7, 8 and Vista as well as Mac OS. They are also compatible with mobile operating systems like Apple iOS and Google Android.

Extra Features

Each Brother scanner comes with a few excellent unique features. The Brother ADS-2400, for instance, has a one-touch scan feature that allows you to save time and you can also scan directly to a USB via a port on the product. At the higher end of the price scale, the ADS-3000N also includes powerful image processing capabilities while the 3600W has the ability to scan without a PC. You can research the qualities of each scanner by visiting their respective product pages (as linked to in the opening paragraph).


We have referenced the fact that the four Brothers scanners we are comparing - The Brother ADS-2400N, Brother ADS-2800W, Brother ADS-3000N and Brother ADS-3600W - all come at increasing prices. As you work your way up, the scanners incorporate more features that come at less affordable prices. However, that is not to suggest that any Brother scanner is outside of anyone's price range. On the contrary, they provide an excellent value for money. The Brother ADS-2400N is just £229, the ADS-2800W is £305, the ADS-3000N is £3999 and lastly the ADS-3600W is £455.