How a Scanner Can Help You Get More Organised


It's a well known fact that going paperless can help us feel more organised - from online banking, to managing mobile phone bills, to cloud storage.

Your scanner is a powerful tool in helping you to achieve this level of paperlessness, allowing you to easdily digitise your most important documents - bank statements; bills; receipts; payslips etc and store them in a way that is compact, clear and accessible. This helps any space become less cluttered and gives you a feeling of freedom.

Handling Large Quantities

Most flatbed scanners do a great job of digitizing paper information, but if you're going paperless in bulk, you'll need a specialist scanner that handle large quanities of documents. Fujitsu scanners have the best rep for this - their robust feed-in system can handle large stacks of paper and scan them fast. The Fujitsu ScanScap iX500 has had sterling reviews from the likes of Engadget, Wired and PC Advisor, thanks to its ability to ‘churn through 32.6 pages per minute’. It’s also said to be as good as any other sheetfeed for colour quality.

Extra features

Look for extra features too which will help with effortlessly efficient filing and sharing, The Fujitsu ScanSnap is able to export anything to major cloud storage services (Dropbox; Google Drive), as well as project planning apps like Evernote.

And finally, body and compatibility is everything. The ScanSnap is light, portable and has an attractively minimalist design. When a scanner sits sweetly on our desk or counter, blends well with a room and doesn’t take up too much space, we’re all the more inclined to actually use it, and reap the benefits of a paperless home.