Fujitsu fi-8000 Series

The market’s leading image scanners, Fujitsu fi-8000 series, deliver state-of-the-art technology designed to address today’s business challenges and drive sustainable value creation. 

The fi-7000 series have set the benchmark in business scanning since 2013. Introduced purely for the business market they were not designed with compromise in mind but for environments where the best real-time throughput is the objective whatever paper types, sizes and batch sizes it has to deal with. 

Fujitsu’s engineers have taken the fi-7000 series and made it better. There are many improvements in the new designs but the most important are listed below. Tables show which features are supported by each model in the range. 

fi-8000 comparison Final-3.png

Clear Image Capture
New image processing technology delivers CCD image quality from lower power CIS sensors. This reduces overall power consumption without any change in performance ensuring Fujitsu document scanners are ready for future energy standards. 

Improved Paper Feeding
New “automatic separation control” technology adjusts the roller torque according to paper stack size. The hopper size has increased from 80 to 100 sheets which improves feed reliability at the same time. The extra-wide hopper now accommodates A4 envelopes. 

fi-8000 comparison Final-4.png

Fujitsu fi-7000 to fi-8000 Series – Key Changes

Increased speed
An improved feeding mechanism allows for increased speed on all fi-8000 series document scanners by 10 ppm - the fi-7160 becomes the fi-8170.

Additional paper protection using Image Monitoring
Image monitoring has been introduced on the fi-8000 series - the scanner continually monitors the paper image, detects any skew or changes in paper size and acts accordingly. 

The fi-8170, fi-8270, fi-8190 and fi-8290 ppm models have an extra wide scanning area. If the scanner detects a minor skew, it will continue the scan and adjust the image without stopping. This can significantly boost productivity. 

Passport and booklet scanning
The fi-8000 series supports manual feed mode which allows safe scanning of documents such as passports and family booklets up to 7mm thick. And the maximum paper thickness is up to 465g/m2 from 412g/m2, minimum is down from 27 g/m2 to 20 g/m2. 

On the fi-8000 series USB3.2 is supported. Connectivity can also be via secure wired LAN. LAN connectivity enables the use of PaperStream NX Manager, Fujitsu’s server-based system that does not require PC’s with every scanner, or PaperStream IP Net which allows multiple scanner to connect over the network. 

Stacker Support
Alongside all the big changes Fujitsu have added stacker support. A small adjustable appendage ensures neater stacking of documents as they leave the scanner.

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Published 17/10/2022