Fujitsu Launch New SP-N Range

Fujitsu have launched their latest editions in the SP range of document scanners. These three new scanners, the SP-1120N, SP-1125N and SP-1130N, continue in the same vain as their popular predecessors and add a range of new features to improve functionality. In this blog post, we will be looking at some of the key improvements and how they benefit their target audience.

The most notable additions to the SP-N range are the following:

  • Access to Paperstream Capture
  • LAN Connectivity – For departmental connection
  • USB 3.X Connectivity – for greater upload speed
  • Mac & Linux Drivers – Support for these operating systems is coming soon

Taking these points into consideration, who might the SP-N range benefit? First of all, new LAN connectivity, which utilises Paperstream IPN, allows any computer to connect to any Fujitsu SP-N scanner on a shared network. This, coupled with the fact that the SP-N range still allow for TWAIN & ISIS drivers and retain their low price-point means that they are the perfect choice for large offices with departmental scanning and document management needs.

LAN Connectivity 50pc.jpg

Furthermore, the SP-N range is now bundled with three major software suites. Firstly, Paperstream Capture, Fujitsu’s industry leading capture software, improves automated workflow. From scanning to indexing and distribution, users can easily configure the process to precisely match pre-existing processes. Administrators can configure with Easy-Wizard based setup. Then, operators can scan using the intuitive user interface, before indexing and sorting with barcode, patch-code or document layout pre-sets.

Paperstream Workflow 50pc.jpg

Secondly, Paperstream IP is an image enhancement software package which automatically and drastically improves document recognition by correcting features such as light and colour so that the final scanned image is as clear as possible. This improves workflow downstream by negating the need to scan and rescan.

Paperstream IP example 50pc.jpg

Finally, ABBYY FineReader Sprint is an industry-leading OCR package which allows users to convert scanned documents into common, editable file formats. Rather than capturing an image of scanned documents, this allows users to unlock the information held within scanned media by creating searchable files. Retrieve data at the push of a button and save time, instead of looking through lines of text.

Paperstream OCR 50pc.jpg

In terms of hardware, the three new units retain their classic shape and offer 20ppm (SP-1120N), 25ppm (SP-1125N) and 30ppm (SP-1130N) scan speeds. These speeds are selected for maximum efficiency when connecting via LAN and uploading to a shared network folder. All three are still supported with modern anti-jam features and, of course, scan duplex (double-sided) and in full colour.

Overall, these scanners offer great value to businesses with post-room departments and large paper-based administrative duties. They offer the opportunity to greatly reduce businesses’ laborious administration tasks by converting a scanned images into clear file formats of a wide variety.

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Published on 22/07/2020