Tachograph & Document Digitisation for Transport Industry*

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The transport and haulage industry is a vital sector for UK business. Over 2.5 million people work in this industry and it holds an estimated value of £124 billion pounds to the UK economy.

These stats demonstrate how extremely competitive the industry is. Getting the edge on your competition, even in a small way, could make all the difference and one route to achieve this is through modern document digitisation.

A dedicated scanner can save your business time and money, both in the office and on the road.

Administrative staff can scan and digitise hundreds of documents. This achieves a number of things. Firstly, it clears up office space, by removing physical paper stored in offices to a digital format. In addition, staff can then archive and retrieve crucial data at the touch of a button, as opposed to looking through filing cabinets for documents.

Furthermore, driving staff often need to record their journey time through data held in tachograph charts. With a fully functioning tachograph chart scanner, a driver can simply pass all of his documentation through in one go and very quickly finish his shift after a hard day’s work. This saves staff hours in administration and business costs.

Panasonic have long been the preferred choice for the transport industry. Their innovative software package, Image Capture Plus, is easy to use and comes free of charge with all scanner purchases. These scanners can be converted into tachograph chart scanners, allowing users to pass tachograph charts through the machines without disturbance.

If you would like more information about Panasonic scanners and their capabilities for your transport and haulage business or have any questions regarding the tachograph chart scanning capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Panasonic are no longer producing document scanners. Find out more by reading our Tachograph Scanner Alternatives in 2022: Panasonic Scanners Announce Withdrawal article.

Updated: 03/08/2022.