Tachograph Scanner Alternatives in 2022: Panasonic Scanners Announce Withdrawal


Panasonic have announced that they will cease to produce document scanners by 2023, with the technology giant pulling out of the document management industry altogether by 2027.

For a long time, Panasonic have produced a great range of both A4 document scanners and A3 document scanners. Their A4 range have been favoured by those looking for cheap scanners or by users who specifically need to scan tachograph charts (typically these customers were in the transport, haulage, and logistics sector).

The offer of extended 3-year warranties on all A4 Panasonic scanners will end on March 31st 2021 and whilst Panasonic will still honour these and any other agreed warranty periods up to 2027, we have compiled a list of alternative scanners that you may wish to consider, had you been in the market for a Panasonic document scanner.


Kodak Alaris Document & Tachograph Scanners

Kodak Alaris have one of the most widely recognised standings in the world of document management. Their excellent range of A3 document scanners come bundled with a software package called Perfect Page, which auto-enhances the image of any scanned document – be it a paper-based business document or a scanned photograph. In addition to this, some Kodak Alaris scanners are extremely efficient at scanning tachograph charts. The Kodak Alaris S3060 and S3060f A3 Document Scanners both have this capability and are worthy successors to the discontinued Panasonic range. The Kodak alaris S3000 Max series are an upgrade on the S3000 series and incorporate a number of significant upgrades including improved scan speeds and increased volume throughput. The new series includes two models, the S3120 Max and the S3140 Max. Both are A3 document scanners with network connectivity and tachograph chart scanning capabilities.

Canon Document/Tachograph Scanners

*Since the original publishing of this blog article in March 2021, we have continued to test new and existing document scanners for tachograph scanning capabilities. We stock a range of Canon Scanners that are capable of scanning tachograph discs. For more information and to view which Canon document scanners are suitable, visit our Tachograph Scanners category page.

Contact The Scanner Shop

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Published on 10/03/2021

*Updated on 27/06/2022