Bureau Scanning: Returning to Work, Saving Space

Returning to The Office - Complying with Social Distancing
As this summer begins to draw to a close, businesses will need to consider how to reintroduce their staff to the office environment in a post-lockdown world where we must all be mindful of one another’s space. Children will be returning to school in September, meaning that fewer people will need to work from home.

However, the coronavirus may yet experience a second wave and therefore it is vital that business leaders carefully consider their staff’s welfare when welcoming them back. This means maxing out every inch of the office by spreading desks or workbenches further apart from one another. In doing this, leaders can offer and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

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Where can be space be saved? Reduce filing cabinets!
Your office might be able to remap the layout of its desks in order to create more even space between stations. Though, to do this you will need to remove as many unnecessary objects as possible. Filing cabinets filled with paper are a heavy, clunky waste of space. They often contain masses of documentation which not only take up room but also cause a difficulty for staff.

Retrieval of information is crucial for GDPR purposes, amongst others, and the quicker your staff can find information, the more cost-effective your administration process can be. By converting the information locked inside physical documentation and transforming it into digital, searchable, and shareable files, you can cut the fat in your office space instantly and without hassle.

How can we help? Storage Options
The Scanner Shop offer bureau scanning services. This means that we can arrange for documentation to be removed from your office, then scan and return it to you on an external memory device within a matter of days. An external memory device can be anything from a CD-rom or USB memory stick; a 2TB external hard drive, or cloud based storage. We cater our services completely to your needs.

Once the memory device is returned to you, you will find that all your important documentation has been saved in well structured folders on the memory device. This makes it easy for you and your staff to retrieve information. You can even search for specific information, such as company name, invoice number, delivery date etc. We use OCR technology when scanning documents so that you can find crucial information at the touch of a button. Finally, any documentation that you deem to be totally unnecessary can be destroyed at the time of scanning. Anything you wish to keep can be returned to you.

We are not in a completely paperless world yet and you will still have documentation to manage after this process. We are experts in the scanning industry and can either offer regular collections of your documents for scanning or professional advice on a scanner or scanning system for your office. You may only need one small scanner for your business, or you may need several.

Whatever your scanning needs may be, we can help. So, if you would like to free up space in your office, adhere to social distancing guidelines and digitise your document management all at the same time, please give us a call on 0845 147 8928 or drop us a message via sales@thescannershop.com, mentioning “Bureau Scanning” and one of our sales assistants will gladly talk through some options with you.

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Published on 20/08/2020