Transforming Healthcare With Kodak Alaris S3000 A3 Scanners

By March 2025, NHS England’s ambition is for most health and social care services to have digital foundations in place, including electronic records. However, at present, only 20% of NHS organisations are digitally mature and just 45% of social care providers have any form of digital care records.

Digitisation is an efficient way to integrate technology into daily operations and Kodak Alaris S3000 A3 scanners are a great solution for healthcare organisations looking to streamline their workflow. Kodak’s A3 scanners help create efficient workflows that benefit both staff and patients, making it easier to manage paperwork and ultimately enhance patient care.

Digital Transformation

Streamlining data is crucial when it comes to digitising medical files. The shift to electronic health records (EHRs) has become increasingly common in healthcare settings due to the many benefits it offers. But what does the process involve?

Firstly, you need to capture your data. This can be done by scanning in paper documents, including email attachments, importing images, live capture and more. Next, you need to extract the information you require, in the format you need it. This is followed by validating and classifying the data to ensure you accurately extract what you need and create automatic processes. Finally, route your information to the next step of the process for immediate access, decision making and archiving. 

The benefits of electronic health records are numerous. Electronic records can be accessed more easily by authorised healthcare professionals from different locations, facilitating better co-ordination of care. Digital records streamline administrative processes, reducing paperwork and administrative burdens, leading to increased efficiency in healthcare operations. Electronic health records often include patient portals, allowing patients to access their own health information, communicate with healthcare providers and participate more actively in their care.


Enhancing Patient Experience

At the heart of exceptional patient care is the ability to access patient information instantly. Kodak Alaris’ S3000 A3 document scanners and software solutions can help transform healthcare experiences by offering immediate access to both archived and present patient data. This capability not only streamlines diagnosis and treatment plans but also significantly improves patient satisfaction. With Kodak Alaris, you can capture and extract data with ease - documents are scanned within seconds and information is accurately extracted. Information is then checked to ensure that it is collected correctly, and then fed through the desired process. Patient records are updated within minutes from completion and can be accessible by multiple departments at the same time. This leads to quicker diagnosis and better care, allowing healthcare providers to access results quicker and giving them more time to focus on patient care, while ensuring patient confidentiality requirements are adhered to.

Saving You Thousands

Kodak Alaris scan solutions can help healthcare organisations save time and money while improving accuracy. By digitising documents and simplifying workflows, NHS staff can increase efficiency, reduce costs, free up physical space and minimise human errors across departments. Kodak scan services include digitising historical files, validating information, creating readable files, secure storage and transitioning to a paper-light system. With all files now digitalised, extra space is achieved which can be utilised for valuable clinical purposes. 


Kodak S3000 A3 Scanners - The Benefits

  • Efficient - The Kodak S3000 A3 scanner range can capture up to 140 pages per minute and 70,000 pages daily and distribute data to where it needs to be at the push of a button.
  • Perfect Scans - Exclusive Dual Light Illumination and Perfect Page technology ensures optimal conditions for data capture, giving accurate, perfect results.
  • Intelligent Processing - Ingenious automated micro-adjusting feeding tray with four rollers eliminates mis-feeds and enables continually smooth scanning.

Kodak Alaris S3000 series A3 document scanners and software solutions can help NHS professionals gain instant access to patient information, enabling swift diagnosis and enhanced patient experience. Kodak Alaris scan solutions will help accelerate digital transformation within healthcare organisations and support a long-term commitment to digitise the entire NHS for the benefit of patients and staff.

Choose Kodak Alaris for a seamless transition to a more efficient future.

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