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The Scanner Shop is seeing a rise in requests for receipt scanners and double-sided scanning (duplex scanning). Whilst nearly all modern-day document scanners are duplex ready as standard, some are better than others when handling receipts.

Reasons for Increased Receipt Scanning this November (2021)

September is here and after a long period of absence, workers are finally starting to return to the office. With lockdown all but ended, the UK is seeing a rise in staff balancing a week working from home and office, leading to a positive change in productivity.

Furthermore, face-to-face meetings can resume, meaning piles of transport and entertainment receipts or bills will stack up in a home office environment alongside daily post and documents.

For accounts in a business head office, the best solution for processing and reimbursement is for documents or receipts to be scanned and sent in digitally. This not only saves administration time in scanning personnel files, also allows certain accounting systems to read Searchable PDF files – created with a scanner’s inbuilt OCR technology – to automatically read information.

With that said, The Scanner Shop has rounded up some of the best receipt scanners available to purchase in the UK, in November 2021.

brotherads2700w-1 smaller.jpg

Brother ADS-2700W A4 Document Scanner (pictured right)

Brother scanners are bundled with a scanner software programme called iPrint & Scan, which contains a module for the scanning of receipts. These receipts can be till receipts, restaurant receipts or transport tickets such as train tickets. The on-board OCR technology allows the scanner to capture information printed on the receipt. Then, the user can search for info such as date, business name or price.

The ADS-2700W itself is on of Brother’s most versatile units, allowing for USB-wired connection, wi-fi connection and network connection via an ethernet/LAN cable. A relatively quick scan speed of 30ppm and feed capacity of 50 sheets at under £270.00 ex VAT means that this is one of the best receipt scanners available to buy in 2022.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 A4 Document Scanner

Fujitsu ScanSnap’s revamped scanning capture software – ScanSnap Home – is an intelligent capture package which is ready to handle and convert scanned receipts out the box. Over time, the software will recognise repeatedly scanned documents and automatically read information, before converting to searchable PDF if told to do so.

Furthermore, the A4 scanner is supplied with a detachable feeder which allows the user to load in A4 documents at the back and smaller receipt size documents at the front. These documents are then scanned altogether in a batch.

Kodak Alaris S2050 A4 Scanner

During September, the usually premium priced Kodak Alaris S2050 is on sale at £390.00 ex VAT. This 50 page per minute scanner is adept at handling both daily post and receipts alike with its powerful 80 sheet feeder.

Kodak Alaris’s Perfect Page scanner driver is an auto image enhancement driver, meaning that it will clean up the look of any damaged, crumpled or hole-punched document you throw at it. Producing a clean and clear document on screen is essential for workflow and accounting, negating the need for rescan and saving time in the process.

Brother DS-920DW A4 Portable Scanner

The Brother DS-920DW document scanner differs from the above list as it offers portability. This small and slender scanner can be powered by USB connection or via its inbuilt and rechargeable lithium battery. In addition, it can send scans wirelessly to a connected computer, making it the perfect choice for those who scan on the go.

If your work bag is brimming with receipts which need to be digitally transferred to accounts for reimbursement, there is no excuse not to scan when you carry one of these smart and handy machines.

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Published on 13/09/2021