Brother DS-940DW Portable Wireless Scanner

Product Code: 000107977000030123
  • A4 Portable Scanner
  • Speed: Single Sheet Feed
  • Resolution: 600dpi
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac
  • Duplex scanning and wifi connectivity
Product Information

Continuing on from Brother's successful line of portable scanners, the new:

  • DS-640
  • DS-740D
  • DS-940DW

All perform as lightweight portable scanners with. Each unit brings updated functionality, with a range of excellent features and USB 3.0 connection across the range.

The DS-640 portable scanner is a single sided, USB-charged scanner perfect for anyone scanning receipts or single documents on the go.

The DS-740D portable scanner is a duplex scanner at a very good price point and is USB-charged.

The DS-940DW portable scanner is a duplex scanner with internal battery and wireless connectivity.

Overall Rating

4.0 / 5 from 1 review
4 out of 5
Works well enough

Feels nicely solid, although you may read that as: it's a bit heavy. When you stick a page in, the scanner grabs it and keeps hold of it until you start scanning, which works well. An output guide allows you to spit the pages out fowards, which means you don't need space on both sides of the device.

As is usual nowadays, the device comes badly doumented with thousands of installation options that are not explained well enough for you to work out which ones you want to use. Took about half a day to discover how to scan multi-page documents effectively and save them in the directory *I* want under the name *I* want. The software does its job but is very simple. You cannot even re-arrange the pages after scanning, should you have fed them in the wrong order (maybe I am the only user who would make such a silly mistake), although one of the bundled programs can, once you've learned how *that* works. The main scanning app has zero keyboard nevigability (again, as is usual these days) to the extend that you cannot even finish with Enter after entering the save-as filename.

One thing that's not mentioned anywhere is that the wifi function cannot connect to your network so that your laptops can see the scanner. It can only operate as a wifi hotspot and you have to disconnect the laptop from the normal network and connect it to the scanner.

The scanner sometimes decides that it's got a paper jam and it's hard to persuade that there really is no paper stuck in it (you have to open and close the top cover under the output guide).

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