Wi-Fi v Network Document Scanners

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In the world of tech, a network can be explained as two or more electronic devices that are linked, for the purpose of sharing information. Two common types of network connection are wired and wireless. A wired ethernet connection uses cables to connect devices. Wireless connections rely on radio waves to transmit information between devices via a router. This is commonly known as Wi-Fi technology.

Wi-Fi Document Scanners

The software within Wi-fi enabled document scanners increase their functionality. Although Wi-Fi document scanners can be connected to a PC, using a cable, it is not essential. No personal computers are necessary. Scans can be sent wirelessly to a variety of locations including cloud storage services, direct to email or straight to a handheld mobile device.

Wi-Fi enabled document scanners are becoming increasingly popular due to their wireless capabilities. Wireless document scanners can be a great solution for home and office use, where space is at a premium. Although convenient, Wi-Fi document scanners rely on fast wireless connection speeds. If you have a slow Wi-Fi connection, or multiple users on the same wireless network, slower scan speeds may be experienced. That said the A4 Wi-Fi document scanner is becoming increasingly popular, due to its versatility.


  • Convenient
  • Wireless
  • Flexible

Network Document Scanners

Network document scanners can connect to numerous network devices via an ethernet cable. Set-ups differ greatly and can be built according to business needs. As an example, an A4 network document scanner can be linked to a personal computer using an ethernet cable. This set-up can serve multiple PC’s using Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity. A network system like this would work well in a small to medium sized business.
Larger production document scanners, with wired network capabilities, are ideally suited to big businesses that have many departments. In this instance a network document scanner can be connected to a central server and used as part of an integrated solution. Touchscreens with customisable settings can be configured to ‘push’ scans from the network document scanner to multiple destinations within an organisation. Security permissions can be set enabling authorised users to process documents containing sensitive data.


  • Consistent scanning speeds
  • Increased security
  • Reliable connection

Two of our most popular wireless document scanners are the Fujitsu iX1600 and the Canon C225WII. Both are great options in this category. The Epson Workforce DS-790WN and the Brother ADS-2800W offer Wi-Fi scanning, plus the ability to connect to a network using an ethernet cable. At the top end of this category is the Kodak alaris S2060W document scanner. The S2060W produces crisp, high-quality scans at fast speeds and can be networked over wireless and wired connections.

For security conscious organisations, looking for an integrated document management solution, we would recommend the Kodak alaris S2085F network scanner or the Canon DR-G2110.

If you would like advice on which system would best suit your business, please contact us and we will help you decide.

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Published on 22/04/2022