How to Fax Using a Scanner


Faxing (short for facsimile!) is the process of transmitting printed or handwritten documents over a telephone line.

For its reliability and legal acceptance, it has been widely used in various industries for years, particularly healthcare, legal practices, and business. Traditional fax machines were once the primary means of sending faxes, but now, scanners can be used for the same purpose. 

With technology advancing year by year, you no longer need a dedicated fax machine. Instead, you can fax your clients or keep business records in order using your office scanner. 

So, if you want to learn how to fax using a scanner, follow along with The Scanner Shop as we give you simple step-by-step instructions. Before long, you’ll be a fax master! 

What is faxing? 

Faxing involves the electronic sending and receiving of documents. It converts physical documents into digital signals, which can be transmitted over telephone lines.

The receiving fax machine or scanner reproduces the document at the other end, making it an efficient and convenient way to share information.

How can scanners be used in faxing?

Scanners are crucial in modern faxing because they can digitise physical documents and convert them into electronic files. These files can then be transmitted as faxes to recipients using fax service providers or fax machines.

What are the benefits of using a scanner to fax?

Faxing using a scanner offers several advantages over traditional fax machines.

Firstly, it eliminates the need for a physical fax machine, helping you save on office space and business costs. Scanners allow you to store digital copies of faxed documents, and this can make organising and retrieving documents much easier. 

Plus, scanning documents before faxing allows for better quality control because you can preview and edit the scanned files before sending them. 

What equipment do you need to fax documents with a scanner? 

To fax using a scanner, you will need a few essential items.

First, you’ll need a scanner capable of producing high-quality images. 

It must have various connectivity options, like a USB or USB-C port. It could also connect to your laptop or computer wirelessly. As you might expect, you’ll also need a reliable internet connection, fax software, or a service provider to send and receive faxes.

How to send a fax using a scanner

Step 1: Prepare the Document

Place the document you want to fax on the scanner bed. Ensure it is positioned correctly and free of creases or folds that could affect the scan quality.

If necessary, make any required edits or adjustments using scanning software or an image editing program. This step is particularly useful when faxing multiple pages or removing unwanted sections.

Step 2: Scan the Document

Open the scanning software on your computer or device. Select the appropriate scanner if you have multiple devices connected. You should then set the scanning parameters, such as resolution, document size, and colour mode.

Preview the scanned document to ensure it looks accurate. Then, initiate the scanning process and wait for the scanner to capture the image of your document.

Step 3: Convert the Scanned File to a Fax Format

Once the scan is complete, save the scanned document in the preferred fax-compatible file format (PDF or TIFF). 

Follow the software's prompts to specify the desired file name and location. If necessary, compress the file to reduce its size, keeping in mind that it should remain legible when transmitted.

Step 4: Send the Fax

Log in to your fax service provider's online platform or application, then look for the option to send a fax and select it. Fill in the recipient's fax number and any required details, such as a cover page or subject line.

Attach the scanned document by browsing to its location on your computer or device. Double-check all the information, including the recipient's fax number, before clicking "Send" or a similar button to initiate the fax transmission. 

Wait for confirmation from your fax service provider that the fax has been successfully sent. In some cases, you may also receive a transmission report.

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