Buy a Refurbished Document Scanner in 2022 | Cost-Effective & Eco-Friendly

The Scanner Shop is part of The Document Management Group Ltd and we specialise in scanner repair and the refurbishment or reconditioning of medium to high volume document scanners.

We purchase or trade-in many lightly used scanners that are discarded by large organisations, banks and government departments because they have contracts to replace them within a certain timescale.

We also purchase ex-demonstration and ex-showroom A3 scanners from major scanning manufacturers, which are then refurbished up to our usual very high standards and made available for resale, lease or rental.

Why buy a used scanner from The Scanner Shop?

Our service technicians have previously been employed by major scanning hardware manufacturers, like Canon UK Ltd, and are highly respected in the document scanning industry. We are officially registered resellers and sales partners of all major scanner manufacturers. Due to the original build quality of Canon scanners and our technicians’ experience, we tend to specialise in the supply of refurbished Canon scanners.

The scanners we trade-in or re-purchase have usually been lightly used but are still thoroughly refurbished prior to resale, with many moving parts being replaced in the reconditioning process. The refurbished scanners are brought up to such a high standard that they would easily pass as ex-showroom, ex-display or ex-demonstration quality. Finally, our refurbished scanners are subjected to a rigorous quality control process before re-sale and are backed by a warranty as a mark of our confidence in the reliability of the scanner provided.

Our service team are based across the UK with technical workshops in London and the North-West and we are able to provide nationwide service coverage. We satisfy many customers in Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, South Wales and Ireland as well as the UK mainland.

Which refurb document scanner should I buy?

G1100 resized smaller.jpg

Purchasing refurb electronics is not only the eco-friendly choice, but rather than buying a new document scanner, your available budget could be economically maximised by the purchase of a high-quality refurbished scanner. Our range offers much better value than a cheap scanner which may be limited by slower scan speeds and A4 scanning only.

The question of which refurb document scanner to purchase is usually governed by your applicational requirements. As a general rule, the more you have to spend the quicker the scanner is.

At 100 pages per minute the Canon DR G1100 A3 scanner is our best seller. It is the scanner of choice with professional document scanning services; government scan departments, and customers wanting to quickly archive large volumes of documents.

Another popular model is the Canon DR 7550C A3 scanner, which scans at 75 pages per minute and is currently available on our Scanner Shop site for just £750.

Would the scanner be covered by a warranty?

As previously stated, as a mark of our confidence in the quality of our refurbishment process and the scanners provided all of our reconditioned scanners are provided with a warranty.

For further peace of mind, we also offer a full nationwide service support and annual maintenance package which can be tailor made around your requirements. Our hardware support contracts include preventative maintenance visits to try and ensure that wherever possible your operators enjoy trouble free usage of their scanning hardware.

If you have a need for scanner repair, then we are happy to offer our services on a one-off basis. We have scanner repair workshops in London and the North-West and are happy to offer support for an agreed fee. We can provide service and support for all major scanner manufacturers.

If you require any scanner repair parts or replacement roller kits for your document scanner, we sell a whole range including those for our refurb document scanners.

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Published on 17/02/2022