The Canon DR-G1100 A3 Document Scanner


The Canon DR-G1100 is a high-end scanner capable of handling heavy workloads and still producing high-quality images at an incredible rate.

The DR-G1100 is designed with operators in mind – and here’s how.

High-Speed Scanning

The high-speed scanner integral to the DR-G1100 is designed to boost your efficiency and make time spent at the scanner as brief and productive as possible.

The scanner can scan up to 100ppm/200ipm in colour, greyscale or black & white, and a dedicated processing chip helps it achieve top speed even when operating multiple image processing features, and its 500-sheet document feeder means huge batches can be scanned at once to save time.

Superior document handling

No matter the mix of document types, the Canon G1100 can process them efficiently and at stunning quality due to a suite of document handling features. The paper feeding path is flat and draws documents through smoothly to avoid damage and scan more easily, while the staple-detection sensors prevent damage to documents containing one or more staples. Ultrasonic scanners detect accidental double-feeds before the documents can be damaged or the scanning can be disrupted, and the three paper-feed modes allow a variety of options when handling different documents.

High-quality images

This scanner comes with a variety of intelligent image processing features allowing unbeatable quality on every scan. The DR-G1100 can detect and straighten up any documents that are fed in at an angle, and can also detect and correct skewed text on the scanned image after scanning is complete.

The DR-G1100’s Folio Mode allows you to scan media up to A1 size, and the MultiStream feature creates dual image outputs for the same scan, such as, for example, simultaneous colour and black & white scanning to allow for one readily photocopyable document and one “master” replica.

 Designed for operators

The front-feed design of the G1100 allows easy and comfortable feeding of documents even when seated, and the control panel is easily visible and simple to navigate.

Built for hard work

Despite being a compact, unobtrusive machine, the DR-G1100 is built to handle a lot of work and operate on a punishing schedule without rest – its suggested apex daily duty cycle is up to 25,000 scans per day. With such an immense capacity for work, it is well-suited to even dedicated scanning bureaus.

Incredible versatility

The DR-G1100 is able to handle any conventional requirement with ease, and can pair with other systems to take on any task outside its usual specifications. For example, connecting it to Canon’s optional A3 Flatbed 201 or A4 Flatbed 101 scanners will allow the quick, easy scanning of books and other bound materials. Other bolt-ons can help work with post-imprints and patch code decryption – and the Canon CapturePerfect software comes as standard to allow easy-to-use batch scanning and quick uploads to the internet.