The Best A3 Scanners in 2022

We are often asked, “what is the best A3 scanner for artwork”, or more simply, “which is the best A3 scanner?”. Well, there are a lot of A3 scanners available and they can be purchased in both flatbed and sheet-fed forms. We’ll explain a few of our choices for the best A3 scanners in 2021 in this post.

Best A3 Flatbed Scanners – A3 scanner for artwork or photography

Epson Expression 12000XL (Pro)

Without doubt, the best A3 scanner for artwork is the Epson Expression 12000XL. This scanner is specifically designed for the graphics industry and those looking to scan artwork up to A3 size.

The standard version can scan up to an impressive 2,400dpi. Whilst the PRO version comes bundled with an additional flatbed scanner lid called a transparency unit. This allows for scanning of film negatives and transparencies with an advanced 4,800dpi scan resolution.

The colour output that the Epson Expression 12000XL gives is second to none in the A3 flatbed scanner market and you will find no better unit than this in 2021.

We are often asked to draw comparisons between the Epson 12000XL and Plustek OpticPro A320L. But, we are afraid to say that whilst the A320L may have an impressive 1,600dpi and good build quality, there is simply too much between the machines in terms of colour output and sharpness. So, we would always recommend the 12000XL to professionals artists.

Epson Workforce DS-50000

Another option for those looking for an A3 scanner for artwork is the Epson Workforce DS-50000. More commonly used as a scanner for large business documents such as CAD drawings or architects’ plans, the DS-50000 still has some very good colour reproduction and internal lighting, whilst also delivering a powerful 1,200dpi scan resolution. It can also be purchased as a network scanner, with the DS-50000N offering network connection

It is an excellent A3 flatbed scanner and does offer a lower cost option.

Canon A3 Flatbed Unit 201

Finally, we can recommend the Canon A3 Flatbed Accessory as good value option. It must be noted that this is not a standalone scanner and must be paired with a working Canon Image Formula range scanner in order to operate. However, we are running a promotion on this range and you could get yourself a cheap A3 scanner today.

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Best A3 Scanners for high volume scanning

Canon Scanners

Canon scanners have a long history in the document management industry, spanning over 25 years of manufacturing and scanner software supply. They currently offer a new range of A3 scanners with network scanning capabilities and high-volume document capture. The Canon DR-G2110 would be our pick, as it can scan at a very quick rate of 110ppm and has a feeder capacity of 500 sheets, making it perfect for mailroom or government scanning departments

Kodak Scanners

Kodak another hugely dependable scanner manufacturer, with incredible image enhancement software, Perfect Page, built into their entire Alaris A3 scanner range. We are currently offering free delivery the new S3000 range and these scanners also offer flatbed scanning functionality as well as network scanning connection. Our pick would be the Kodak Alaris S3100f as it offer a wide range of scanning features to suit almost any use-case.

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