Image Enhancement: Vital Scanner Software

What is it?

Image Enhancement is a critical step in document scanning. Essentially, it is a process in which a physical document is scanned, then digitally enhanced, so that it may be more clearly readable onscreen.

You may be wondering; shouldn’t a document scanner be able to scan a document clearly anyway? Well, yes and no. Most business scanners have an output resolution of at least 600dpi, which is more than enough for a clean and undamaged document to be read on screen.

However, resolution is not everything and you may be dealing with documents which are difficult for any document scanner to represent well in digital format. Issues may arise when scanning coloured, scrunched or folded paper; you may have hole-punches in the paper which you do not want to appear digitally; maybe your scanner does not have auto-deskew features, which are required for batch scan jobs.

A strong piece of image enhancement scanner software is sure to include features which will correct all the above issues and more. This will save you time, by preventing the need to rescan and ultimately streamlining the dataflow of your organisation.

Some of the best Image Enhancement scanner software packages are listed below.

Kofax VRS Scanner Software:

Kofax is the industry standard in scanning software and image enhancement. Kofax VRS (Virtual Re Scan) is compatible with every major scanner manufacturer, with a license compatible for nearly all scanners made by each brand. If you are unsure as to which license you should purchase for your scanner, please give us a call.

Kofax VRS can be purchased individually, or as part of Kofax Express, where it is included. Below is a video for Kofax Express.

For full details, click the link: Kofax VRS Elite Scanner Software

Kodak Alaris Perfect Page Scanner Software:

Perfect Page is a tried and trusted piece of software that has been constantly evaluated and improved by Kodak Alaris over the past ten years.

Perfect Page now comes bundled with the Kodak Alaris S20x0 range, so if you are looking for an image enhancement software suite and scanner at the same time, this solution could be perfect for you.

Click this link to head to our Kodak Alaris scanner page, then select any of the S20x0 models to view a Perfect Page product brochure for further details: Kodak Scanners

Fujitsu Paperstream IP Scanner Software:

Paperstream IP is included when you purchase a Fujitsu FI series scanner. This powerful tool integrates very quickly and easily with TWAIN and ISIS drivers, meaning there is no need to learn new driver settings.

The software package is completely free with the FI series, but can also be purchased for the SP series too.

Click here to view all Fujitsu scanners: Fujitsu Scanners