How to choose a networkable scanner for office documents in 2021

Networkable scanners offer versatility and advanced push-scan features in comparison to USB-connected document scanners. They are connected via ethernet cable, once initially installed to a lead computer, and then are able to be placed anywhere in an office environment. As long as the scanner is connected to the same physical server as your company’s digital folders, then the scanner can send scans to any number of destinations, as well as email and cloud destinations.

Why choose a networkable scanner in 2021?

But why choose a network scanner in 2022? A good network scanner, like those in our current network scanner promotion, can be more costly than standard USB-connected scanner. However, for office environments with multiple members of staff with a scanning requirement, it is the perfect solution. A networkable scanner does not have to be connected to a computer in order to operate, and as such, can be used by multiple staff members very easily and quickly. Any staff member can approach the scanner, scan their documents, and then send to a range of server or cloud destinations. All modern network scanners are compatible with Windows 10 and some are fully mac compatible.

A4 Networkable Scanners

We sell a great range of networkable scanners and wifi scanners, but below are just a selection of the scanners we would recommend to enhance your office document management and really push your office into a paperless workspace.

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Epson Workforce DS-730N

The Epson Workforce DS-730N is one of the most affordable units on our list, but still offers a great range of pre-set network features. The scanner itself has a small LCD display from which users can view scan output destinations. It offers good scan speeds of 40ppm (pages per minute) and can hold 100 sheets in the feeder at once, which is a good figure for its price range. All Epson Workforce scanners also feature both Windows 10 scanning and the latest mac drivers, plus are bundled with Epson Document Capture Pro – a comprehensive capture software solution used for a range of capture features.

Canon DR-S150

The Canon DR-S150 is a fantastic scanner to select and offers dual network scanning and wifi scanning functionality. This would be the perfect choice for healthcare scanning or legal document scanning, as we often find customers in these sectors benefit from dual network & wifi scanning features in their office environments.

Epson Workforce DS-780N

The Epson Workforce DS-780N is similar to the DS-730N, but offers more advanced network scanning features through its larger touchscreen LCD. IT administrators can even set up advanced scanning security features with ID access cards or passwords. The scanner also offers improved scan speeds!

Kodak Alaris S2085f

The Kodak Alaris S2085f is a high-speed A4 networkable scanner, offering scan speeds of up to 85ppm and is a good solution for those with a large quantity of documents to scan on a regular basis. The scanner comes bundled with Perfect Page, an image enhancement software package, which auto-enhances any difficult to read documents.

A3 Networkable Scanners

Canon DR-G2110

The Canon DR-G2110 is a Canon A3 document scanner with a high capacity to scan a lot of documents each day and send to network server destination, making it the ideal solution for mailrooms or government scanning departments. It can hold a massive 500 sheets in the feeder at once and scan at speeds of up to 110ppm.

Kodak Alaris S3060

The Kodak Alaris S3060 is a 60ppm A3 scanner with similar functionality to the S2085f but at larger paper sizes. The S3060 can be purchased with an optional A4 flatbed scanner built into the machine, simply select the S3060f unit should you wish to choose this. This scanner would be ideal for architecture scanning when scanning CAD drawings.

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Published on 13/04/2021