Different Scanners And Their Unique Benefits


Scanners are an imperative part of any modern business. Allowing you to transfer your paper documents into digital files that are easily stored, managed and shared, they can help to make companies run more efficiently (in both a practical and environmental sense).

However, there are different types of scanners for available depending on the specific needs of your business. Whether your office tends to deal with specific types of documents, has locations around the globe or requires you to access files on the go, there are many different styles available. Many of them have been made by some of the leading names in technology such as Canon and Epson.

Here are some of the scanners that we have available from Scanner Shop and the different purposes they serve:

A3, A4 and A6 Scanners

Documents come in all shapes and sizes and your home or office should be able to accommodate for that if you tend to do a lot of scanning. There are A3, A4 and A6 scanners available from Scanner Shop to meet all of these needs. Some of the world's most renowned manufacturers have made scanners compatible with these sizes, and they can perform at speeds as quick as 3 seconds.

Network Scanners

Network scanners are ideal for businesses that need to access files over a multitude of locations. These allow you to transfer documents directly from a scanner to an existing network so that they are quickly and easily stored somewhere for people to access them. For businesses operating across the country - or even multi-nationally - this is a must have item to have in your offices. Canon scanners, Epson scanners and many more are available.

Microfilm Scanning

Microfilm is a somewhat way that people can store several shrunken pages of information. You can usually only view them with a specially designed microfilm reader. However, for fairly obvious reasons, this is not entirely necessary in the digital age. Microfilm scanners can help to transfer this information into a convenient digital file.

Wi-Fi Scanners

In the age of smartphones and tablets, it is not always ideal to have documents scanned just to your personal computer. You might want to have it with you on-the-go. Wi-Fi scanners are able to assist you do indeed to have you documents on your smart device. You can sync them up with an application and gain access to them on your iPhone, Android, etc.