Self-Employed Scanning


Have you recently started your own business? 

The excitement of beginning a project on your own is immense and truly rewarding. Whether you’ve decided to open a shop or e-commerce website selling in the retail industry, begin your own consultancy or even work on-the-move, you should be able to concentrate as much of your time into your strategy as possible.

Whatever you are selling, your first order is a thrilling one – somebody wants what you have to offer! However, the rush of this first sale can quickly be drowned out with what to do next. How do you process and file an order? How do you store and keep records quickly and efficiently? Most importantly, how do you find the orders and other relevant documentation, to legitimise your new business?

This is where scanning and document management comes in.

You may have thought that scanners are strictly for large offices with huge amounts of paperwork, but you would be wrong. Any business, whether large or small, can benefit from efficient scanning and these days there are a huge range of affordable scanners, with free software packages, to help you deal with all the paperwork that you’ll be handling for the first time.

We have compiled a list of just a few of our affordable range of scanners that will be able to help you, no matter what business you have begun.

On-The-Go scanning

On-the-go workers, such as mobile salespeople at festivals or business roadshows, will need a portable scanner which can scan receipts and forms of any kind, up to A4 size, quickly. Some of our scanners are battery powered, with optional plug-ins to save power. This allows you to quickly plug in the machine to your laptop and begin to scan your receipts. Once scanned, these documents can be stored in your digital records, allowing you to discard the physical paper which saves you space and money (by removing the need to purchase a paper storing system, such as folders or trays).
Some of these scanners can even scan direct to mobile via WiFi, saving even more time. Once on your smart device they can be shared to anywhere, as you might share a picture or voice-memo.

Our recommendations:

Fujitsu iX100
Brother DS-820W
Epson DS-360W
Canon P-215II

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Home or Office scanning:

These scanners are a little more robust and stay on your desk, as they can process sheets at a quicker rate and are typically built to sustain higher volumes of daily scanning. Though, at under £300, these are ideal for home-workers or if you have recently moved into a new office and want to process all your documents in one go at a set time per week.
The scanned documents can be stored in a range of files or platforms, such as Evernote, Microsoft SharePoint or Google Drive, to be viewed, edited and shared.

In addition, all scanners also come bundled with software that allows you to save to a specific folder on your PC or Mac, so that you can track any purchase orders, delivery sheets, receipts and tax information in separately labeled folders.

Our recommendations:

Fujitsu iX500
Brother 2700W
Canon DR-C225W
Kodak-Alaris ScanMate i1150

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