11 Best Healthcare Scanner Solutions in 2022

Scanning in the healthcare sector has become a vital function and one that has vastly improved the performance of office administrators and improved customer satisfaction rates.

Data management and protection are two of the most important factors to consider when sourcing a new document scanner for your healthcare business in the private or public sector.

In this blog post, we will be discussing a wide range of professional document scanners that will cover a range of capabilities to suit any user.

Document Scanner Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

The Scanner Shop can supply document scanners to public sector NHS customers and has done since its creation. We are happy to complete any registration forms to be accepted as a trusted seller of your healthcare branch and can fulfil Purchase Orders or Pro-Forma/Invoices. So, please do not hesitate to enquire about this if you are considering the purchase of a new document scanner.

Alternatively, if you own a private pharmacy, opticians, dental practice, or veterinary service then we would be thrilled to work alongside you and answer any technical questions you might have around network scanning or other features of advanced document scanner set up.

Brother Scanners

Brother have a long history of selling into healthcare and are a trusted provider of both document scanners and printers. Those working in hospitals will more than likely have passed one of their large multi-function devices each day.

However, a standalone scanner will increase productivity even further as the scan function within their compact A4 units is far more advanced than when found in an MFP. Users can rely on features such as auto-deskew, auto-rotate, and much greater scan speeds in their ADS-2200 or ADS-2700W units.

The Brother ADS-2700W also offers either one-to-one wireless connection to a single computer or a wired connection to shared network. Coupled with a touchscreen LCD, this unit is great for file destination routing and speeds up administration processes.

Kodak Alaris S2085f

Kodak Scanners

For quality image output, you cannot beat Kodak scanners. Kodak Alaris document scanners are supplied with a scanner driver called Perfect Page, which enhances the quality of any scanned image. This is particularly useful when batch scanning a variety of documents as the technology directly results in fewer rescans.

Additionally, this can simplify the process downstream when it comes to applying OCR technology to a document as the scanned image of a Kodak scanner is clearer than a rival.

The Kodak Alaris S2060w offers fast scanning at 60ppm and wireless connection to a single computer. For higher output, the Kodak Alaris S2085f offers 85ppm speeds and can sit on the shared network. It also features a built in A4 flatbed scanner for any tricky or delicate documents.

Fujitsu Scanners

Fujitsu are the market leader in document scanner supplies, with a huge and loyal customer base built over years of trust and customer care. The Fujitsu ScanSnap line is their most popular and offers a range of A4 scanning solutions.

Currently, The Scanner Shop are offering an exclusive 2-year warranty with all applicable ScanSnap products in addition to a free paper shredder! The Fellowes PowerShred LX45 Cross-Cut paper shredder can be claimed through the claim form after 30 days of initial purchase.

For a full breakdown of the differences between the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1400, iX1500 & iX1600 please follow our blog post on the topic.

Canon Scanners

Canon have a lot of experience in providing document scanners to healthcare and other public sector industries, with a rich 25-year history of scanner production. Working alongside trusted reseller & service partners such as ourselves and The Document Management Group, Canon has also provided solutions for many private practitioners and healthcare professionals alike.

Two top selling Canon products in the last six months have been the DR-S150 and the DR-G2110.

The Canon DR-S150 is an A4 network scanner featuring an LCD display to allow users to select scan destinations. Perfect for pharmacy chains with connected document systems or large healthcare offices with a universal server!

Whereas the Canon DR-G2110 is an A3 scanner perfect for scanning departments within government offices. It’s quick speeds of up to 110ppm and ability to handle up to 500 sheets in a single. It can connect to a single computer via fast USB 3.0 for speedy upload but can also sit on the shared network.

Epson Scanners

Epson have provided a range of technology solutions into hospitals and private practitioners for many years, with their trusted range of projectors & displays, plus multi-function devices. Their Workforce range is one of the most eco-friendly document scanner lines on the market and can seriously help contribute towards lower overall energy bills.

The Epson Workforce DS-730N & DS-780N offer great A4 network scanning solutions.

In addition, the Epson Perfection V600 A4 flatbed & Epson Expression 12000XL PRO A3 flatbed offer high resolution scanning with the ability to scan negatives. This makes them the perfect choice for radiographers or users handling X-Rays.

Further Information on Document Scanners & Scanning Services

If you have any questions regarding A3 scanners, network scanners or any of the topics discussed above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are looking to outsource your document scanning, The Document Management Group offers a professional document scanning service which is fully compliant with GDPR and government guidelines on customer record protection.

We can arrange document collection and drop off, plus will return your digital records to you in whichever format you prefer. Choose from cloud storage, physical USB or CD storage or external hard drive. If you require a quote for this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Published on 18/01/22