6 Best A4 Document & Photograph Scanners to Buy in 2022

These are the top 6 A4 document scanners to purchase in 2022: Sheet-fed or flatbed; documents or photos.

If you are looking to digitise the documents which have been piling up whilst working from home in lockdown or want to streamline your business’s document retrieval process, then these are the best A4 document scanners to do so in 2022. In addition, we have also added in a selection of the best photo scanners for 2022, which you will see below.

Flatbed Scanner or ADF Scanner?

First of all, you’ll need to decide whether you wish to purchase a flatbed scanner or an ADF scanner (also called a sheet-fed scanner). This choice is important, as the two machines look and function in very different ways.

Firstly, a flatbed scanner performs a single sheet scanning process and has a flat glass plate on which you place the A4 document. To perform a scan, you close the lid and press “scan”. These scanners are good for those with low volumes of documents, or those looking to scan delicate photographs or paper, as only one photograph or document can be scanned at a time and is protected in a closed environment.

On the other hand, a sheet-fed or ADF scanner uses pickup rollers to pull a batch of paper through its scanning sensors from the feeder. There is a lot more variation with this type of document scanner as they can offer varying levels of scan speeds and paper feeder capacity. This type of document scanner is better suited to those with a need to scan a lot of documents on a regular basis, such as legal, financial or engineering firms. Though, they are also ideal for home-use as they can function as receipt scanners, photo scanners or general post scanners. If you have printed photographs on strong photographic paper, you can easily pass through 5 to 30 photographs in one go. Finally, it’s worth noting that nearly all modern-day sheet-fed or ADF scanners are duplex scanners. This means that they can scan double sided paper in one go, without the need to flip pages and rescan.

That being said, let’s look at some of the best document and photograph scanners to choose in 2022

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Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 A4 ADF Scanner

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 A4 Document Scanner picks up from where the ScanSnap iX500 left off, upgrading its hardware and software features to further benefit customers. It now features a large LCD touchscreen display on the front of the machine, by which up to 4 users can control their favoured scan settings, such as duplex scanning. Comes bundled with ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap, an OCR tool used to create search PDF documents. Plus, the all new capture software ScanSnap Home, which features intelligent technology to help it recognise document types (such as photos or receipts) and automatically store in preferred folders etc. Comes with a detachable “small document” feeder, making it the perfect receipt or sheet-fed photo scanner.

Kodak Alaris E1035 A4 Document, Photograph and Tachograph Scanner

The Kodak Alaris E1035 A4 Document Scanner is an ideal purchase for those looking for crystal clear scanning results. All Kodak Alaris scanners are bundled with software called Perfect Page, an image enhancement scanning software solution, which clears up documents and removes blemishes so that they appear perfectly readable on-screen. Great for damaged documents, photographs or tachograph charts. Tachograph chart scanning is a feature included with all Kodak Alaris scanners, making these scanners the perfect solution for those in the transport and haulage industry. Duplex scanning as standard, with 35ppm scan speeds.

Epson Workforce DS-1660w A4 Wireless Flatbed Scanner

The Epson Workforce DS-1660w A4 Wireless Flatbed Scanner is a great option for those who predominantly need a flatbed scanner, as it also features an ADF scanner feed at the top of the scanning lid, with duplex scanning! This best-of-both-worlds combination is further enhanced by wireless connectivity to your computer. Declutter your desk even further by connecting the scanner over wifi, sending scanned information directly to Epson’s easy-to-use scanning software, Epson Scan2 or Epson Document Capture Pro. Create searchable PDFs and make basic adjustments such as crop and rotate. Scan to resolutions of up to 1200dpi (dots-per-inch) too.

Canon DR-C225WII A4 Compact Wireless Document Scanner

The advantage of the Canon DR-C225WII A4 Wireless Document Scanner is its compact shape and size. It is ultra-thin and offers wireless scanning connection to computer, allowing you to save precious space in your home office or work desk. Paper is fed through in a U-path at speeds of up to 25ppm with duplex scanning – making this scanner the perfect choice for home or office administration when handling post and business documents. Canon are on of the most trusted brands in the document scanning industry and all of their “Image Formula” A4 document scanners come bundled with Canon Capture Perfect scanning software.

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Brother ADS-2400N A4 Network Scanner or Brother ADS-2700W A4 Wireless Scanner

The Brother document scanner is range may be one of the slimmer ranges on the market, but their A4 document scanners offer a great array of variety and functionality. The Brother ADS-2400N A4 Network Document Scanner and the Brother ADS-2700W A4 Wireless Document Scanner offer duplex scanning and scan speeds of 30ppm and 35ppm respectively. Both scanners offer direct-to-network scanning, meaning they can connect via LAN/Ethernet cable to your home or office server and send scanned information across your network. Send scans to email, FTP or cloud storage. The Brother ADS-2400N offers direct-to-USB memory scanning too, so that you can plug a USB-memory drive right in to the back and save there. Whilst the ADS-2700W offers wireless connectivity to a single computer, should you prefer not to use the network features.

So, there’s our pick! Though, these are just some of the best document scanners available today. You can find a whole host more by searching our website. You can call our friendly support team on the number at the top of the page, or visit our document scanner support contact page here.

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