Frequently Asked Questions

Questions below, are from our valued customers.

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However, if your question is related to a specific product, please go to the product on this website and click onto the Questions & Answers box to type in your query,

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Which scanner would you recommend for photographs?

Flatbed scanners, if you select this group,a number of selected scanners are available to purchase.

What can you recommend for scanning A3 documents?

Choose a scanner from the site with 'A3' functionality

What is the best scanner for my budget?

You ideally need to look at how many documents per day or week you will be scanning, then choose the product with the appropriate scanning speed (PPM pages per minute), along with your preferred manufacturer.

What software comes in the box?

Click on to the 'information icon' next to the product & this will list the software packages included

Will it work on a 'Mac'?

Choose a scanner from the site with 'Mac compatibility'

When will my order be delivered?

All orders processed before 2.00pm, we aim to deliver 'next day'

Please Note: Northern or Southern Ireland deliveries, can take up to 48 hours 

Do you deliver on Saturdays?

Depending on the product & the area required, please ring for more advice

What is the warranty of your scanners?

All of our scanners come complete with a 12 month return to base warranty

Which is the best scanner for my budget?

Dependent on your scanning application, please ring for more advice

Can you scan colour documents?

Yes, choose a scanner with 'colour functionality'

Do you supply Document scanning software?

Yes, please ring for advice

Will you service or support my scanner?

Yes, we have Technical support contracts to cover your requirements, please ring for advice.