Colortrac SmartWorks Imaging Scanner Software

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Colortrac SmartWorks Imaging software offers faster performance with revised preset control, better printer drivers and a new multi-page thumbnail pop-out feature.

Supported Scanners
SmartLF SGi, SmartLF SCi, SmartLF SG, SmartLF SCXpress

  • High productivity

  • Scan or scan & copy 
  • Advanced editing

Software is non-refundable

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Product Information

Optimised software you can count on
A faster performance with revised preset control, better printer drivers and a new multi-page thumbnail pop-out feature make SmartWorks Imaging the perfect productivity partner for SmartLF SCi and SmartLF SGi large format scanners.

High productivity
New super-fast graphics engine and automatic image enhancement functions deliver high productivity and excellent quality scans every time.

Supported scanners
SmartLF SGi, SmartLF SCi, SmartLF SG, SmartLF SCXpress.

Scan or Scan and copy
SmartWorks Imaging includes full scan and simultaneous copy functionality with optional preview alongside regular scan to file.

Scan file reworking
Old scans can be reloaded, reformatted, reprinted or resized by the user.

Trial version
SmartWorks Imaging is fully functional with SmartLF SCi and SGi scanners for 30 days before a digital license needs to be purchased.

Demo mode
SmartWorks Imaging can be evaluated without a scanner and all scan and copy functions explored for up to 30 days without a license. 

Printer drivers
Drivers from all main printer manufacturers are included. Check compatibility and updates here:

User interface
A modern, dark theme interface uses high visibility colours for temporary settings. Choose standard or simplified layout.

Zoom and pan 
Zoom and pan with ALT/CTRL + mouse-wheel or use bird's eye viewer for an instant confirmation of scan quality.

Progress indicators
Multi-page and copy collation thumbnails for visual feedback of scan and copy progress.

Presets (filters)
Choose from a range of factory-made presets closest to your document. Presets can be copied, refined and adapted by the user.

Edit history
Return to any point in an editing sequence of un-saved changes.

Automatic features
Scan on paper detection (batch scanning). Auto black and white point. File numbering / manual override / date and time stamping. Printed border removal during copy (cropping printer margins from old copies).

Advanced editing
Smoothing and sharpening, skewed image correction, invert and de-speckle or hole-fill Crop and add white paper functions for clean up of damaged originals 

Colour management 
Select sRGB, Adobe RGB or a device (scanner) colour space to work in.

Supported file formats

Colour modes
24-bit colour, 8-bit greyscale, 1-bit monochrome (choose from two levels of adaptive, dithered bi-tonal and simple threshold modes).

File image quality / size
Select from variable lossy, lossless or uncompressed file formats to control file size, image quality and scan file load time.

Maximum scan length
Unlimited for TIFF2 and PDF3. JPEG limited to 65535 lines.

Maximum copy length
Not limited by scanner but dependent on scan dpi, printer and printer driver used.

Multi page documents
Scan multiple documents to a single output file. PDF and TIFF file formats only.

No reliance on a physical protection device for greater user convenience and simpler delivery.

Operating system
Windows 11 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit, Windows Server 2022.

SmartWorks Imaging software is preloaded onto an installation USB key, that comes with the SCi/SGi scanners. To activate, a licence key is provided via email/PDF.

Software is non-refundable.

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