Portable Large Format Scanners

Portable large format scanners are essential tools for architects, engineers, and other professionals in the construction and design industries who need to digitise large-scale drawings, plans, and blueprints. A0 and A1 scanners allow for the efficient and accurate conversion of physical drawings into digital formats, enabling easy storage, editing, sharing, and printing. 

A popular large format scanner brand known for their quality and performance are Colortrac. The Scanner Shop are a trusted and authorised re-seller of Colortrac large format scanners and we are delighted to announce that we now stock the revolutionary Colortrac SmartLF! Portable Scan Series.

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The Colortrac SmartLF! Scan Series are portable, large format scanners capable of scanning up to A0 in size. The Colortrac SmartLF! Scan 24 and 36 are affordable large format scanners that can be operated on site, in the office or at home. Attributes are identical for both scanners, the only difference being size and weight. The Colortrac SmartLF! Scan 24 will scan media up to A1 in size, whereas the Colortrac SmartLF! Scan 36 portable scanner will digitise drawings, paintings, technical plans and even fabric up to A0 in size. See size guide below.

 The SmartLF Scan! 24 A1 scanner will scan documents up to A1 in size (594 x 841mm or approximately 23.4 x 33.1”). 

 The SmartLF Scan! 36 A0 scanner is designed to handle larger documents up to A0 size (841 x 1189mm or 33.1 x 46.8”).

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Colortrac’s portable large format scanners can accurately scan large format documents, at a resolution of up to 600dpi, and save as PDF, JPEG or TIFF file formats. Once scanned, digital documents can be stored in the scanner, on a USB stick, transferred to a standalone PC or shared across a network.

Image Sensor

SingleSensor, is Colortrac’s development of a CIS sensor system which in essence means the imaging unit is a whole piece and not made up of individual sensors. This avoids the staggering/misalignment issues that can occur with systems that are made up of multiple sensors which digitally stitch the images together to produce their results. 

Colortrac Smart LF Scan! large format scanners are ready to use, straight out of the box, no additional software is required unless the user wants to network scan via a Windows PC which requires NetApp installing. This is a free-to-download piece of software which allows the scanner and computer to see each other and receive scanned files to a folder.

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Included Equipment

  • Colortrac Smart LF Scan! large format scanner
  • Rugged, wheeled carrying case for ultimate protection & portability 
  • Ethernet cable to connect to your PC or network
  • Instruction manual 
  • Power cables
  • Calibration sheet.

The warranty for the Colortrac Smart LF Scan! Series is 1 year or up to 30,000 meters scanned (whichever comes soonest) and is a Return To Base warranty.

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Published  28/07/2023.