Epson Scanners

Epson scanners are one of our most popular brands of scanning hardware. Over the past decade there is a very small chance that you wouldn't of come across Epson, when browsing scanners.

Here at The Scanner Shop, we specialise in high speed, high performance Epson Scanners which combine reliable high quality image input with easy operation & maintenance to make document scanning a breeze.

We stock a wide range of Epson Document Scanners which can be used either for home use or busy office environments.

Epson Work Force DS-30 Scanner

Portable USB powered A4 Scanner, Colour, Simplex, 32-bit & 64-bit O/S compatible, Carrying bag included

£87.00 ex. VAT
Epson GT-1500 Scanner

A4, Colour, Grayscale, Black & White scanner, 18 ppm, 600x600 dpi, duplex

£213.00 ex. VAT
Epson WorkForce DS-510 / DS-510N scanners

An A4 scanner capable of scanning at 26ppm / 52 ipm, an optional Network model (DS-510N) shares the scanner across the network and both models come complete with powerful Epson Scan and Epson Document Capture Pro software.

£270.00 ex. VAT
Epson Workforce DS-560

A3 (with stitching function), A4, Colour/Greyscale/Black & White, 26ppm / 52ipm

£347.00 ex. VAT
Epson Workforce DS-520 / DS-520N scanners

Free 5 Year On-Site Warranty - Extended 5 Year Epson Warranty available on purchases of this scanner from (completion of Epson Warranty Promotion Claim Form required)

A4 USB 2.0 or RJ-45 Ethernet (520N) connectivity document scanner, 50-sheet ADF, 30ppm / 60ipm, Windows & Apple Mac supported

£353.00 ex. VAT
Epson GT-S85 Scanner

A4, Colour, Grayscale, Black & White scanner, 40 ppm, 600x600 dpi, duplex

£478.00 ex. VAT
Epson GT-S85N Scanner

A4, Colour, Grayscale, Black, White scanner, 40 ppm, 600x600 dpi, duplex

£499.00 ex. VAT
Epson Perfection V850 Pro

Currently out of Stock - Stock ETA 20th May - Please call 0845 147 8928 for more details.
Film and Photo scanner, Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows compatible, USB 2.0 connectivity, 6400dpi film and 4800dpi photo scanning resolutions

£529.00 ex. VAT
Epson WorkForce DS-6500 Scanner

A4, 100 page ADF, 25ppm/50ipm, Duplex, Double Feed Detection, Flatbed, Windows XP, Vista, 7, Apple MacOS

£559.00 ex. VAT
Epson Workforce DS860 / DS-860N scanner

A4 (A3 with stitching function), Windows / Windows Server / MacOS, USB / LAN, 65ppm / 130ipm document scanner

£584.00 ex. VAT
Epson Perfection V750 Pro

This model has now been discontinued and replaced by the Epson Perfection V850 Pro - Please Click Here

£600.00 ex. VAT
Epson WorkForce DS-6500N Scanner

Network Compatible A4 Document Scanner, 100-page ADF, Duplex mode, 25ppm/50ipm, Double Feed Detection, Windows XP, Vista, 7, MacOS

£719.00 ex. VAT
Epson WorkForce DS-7500 Scanner

A4 flatbed scanner with 100-page ADF, double feed detection, duplex scanning at 40ppm/80ipm.  Compatible with 64-bit & 32-bit Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP as well as Apple Mac OS 10.4.11 or later

£798.00 ex. VAT
Epson Workforce DS-50000 Flatbed Scanner

A3 flatbed scanner: Scan documents up to A3 size, Quality results: High quality CCD technology, No warm-up time: ReadyScan LED for immediate scanning, Mac OS 10.4+, Microsoft Windows 7/x64, Vista/x64, XP/x64

£915.00 ex. VAT
Epson Workforce DS-7500N Scanner

The Epson Workforce DS-7500N adds network connectivity to the already exceptional Epson DS-7500 A4 flatbed scanner.  Featuring a 100-page ADF, double feed detection, duplex scanning at 40ppm/80ipm.  Compatible with 64-bit & 32-bit Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP as well as Apple Mac OS 10.4.11 or later - GRADE A+ ex-display stock available now while stocks last

£976.00 ex. VAT
Epson Workforce DS 50000N Flatbed Scanner

A3 flatbed scanner, High quality CCD technology, No warm-up time, ReadyScan LED for immediate scanning, Network-ready: Built-in Network Interface Panel

£1063.00 ex. VAT
Epson Expression 11000XL Scanner

A3 flatbed graphics scanner with USB connection as standard, 2400x4800 dpi, 16-bit colour depth. Windows & Mac compatible, TWAIN & WIA drivers

£1644.00 ex. VAT
Epson WorkForce DS-60000 Scanner

A3 Flatbed Scanner with 40 ppm / 80ipm scanning speeds and a 200-sheet ADF.  Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Apple Mac compatability  TWAIN/WIA/ISIS drivers.

£1781.00 ex. VAT
Epson Workforce DS-60000N Flatbed Scanner

A3 flatbed document scanner with impressive speeds of 40ppm / 80ipm, double feed detection and a 200-sheet ADF.  Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.  TWAIN/WIA/ISIS drivers

£1995.00 ex. VAT
Epson Workforce DS-70000 Flatbed Scanner

A3 flatbed scanner, 200-page ADF, Duplex Scanning, Double Feed Detection, up to 70 pages-per-minute, USB 2.0 Connection, Windows and Mac compatible

£2359.00 ex. VAT
Epson WorkForce DS-70000N Flatbed Scanner

Network Ready A3 flatbed scanner with 200-page ADF, Double Feed Detection, 70ppm/140ipm, Windows and Mac compatibility

£2558.00 ex. VAT
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What Makes Epson Scanners So Good?

Epson has a strong track record in the UK scanner market for being a leader of innovation and design. Some of its products are considered the best in their class and over the years, have won countless industry awards from corporate and SME organisations and associations.

Based in Hemel Hempstead, the Epson UK team has over 140 employees who work hard to deliver its UK customers the very best in advice and product support.

Epson is also proud to continually develop relations with is customers by inviting and encouraging its customers to submit detailed product, service and brand feedback at all times. 

Our Epson Warranty

When you purchase an Epson scanner from us, we will guarantee that it comes with a full 12 month Epson warranty.

Below you will see our extensive range of Epson Scanners and additional scanning products which are suitable for all budgets and requirements. If you require more help with a particular Epson Scanner, you can contact us direct on 0845 147 8928 where one of our specialist advisors will be happy to help you.