January to March can be an overwhelming month for public sector organisations. Staff are back to work after the Christmas break and budgets need to be spent before Easter. We know that, bit by bit, a lot of this budget can be frivolously spent on unnecessary office items.

However, schools, hospitals, police offices and the like could benefit from spending a portion of this budget to improve their document management and connect their paper documents to an online network folder, increasing the ability for all staff to access crucial information locked away in paper wallets or filing cabinets.

In addition, a network scanner can save an office time and money, by acting as a standalone unit connected to multiple computers at once.

There are many networkable scanners, but we have decided to round up the top four network scanners on our site which have large touchscreen displays on the front. These displays allow users to choose the destination of a scanned document straight from the scanner, removing the need to sit by a computer.


Panasonic KV-N1058X

The new Panasonic KV-N1058X offers the best value of our choices. At roughly £569, the machine will scan at speeds of 65ppm (pages per minute) and offers Mac compatibility for those using Apple products.

Whilst the touchscreen may be the smallest of the bunch, it is still a clearly visible size and is easy to manoeuvre. Includes free delivery* and an official Panasonic 3-Year Extended Warranty*, offering peace of mind in your office environment.

This is an ideal option for administrative places of work in schools and hospitals, as the Panasonic range are known for their ability to scan long reams of paper like medical records.

Click to Purchase: https://www.thescannershop.com/panasonic-kv-n1058x-u-network-scanner/ 

Fujitsu N7100

The N7100 network scanner features a huge touchscreen display right across the front and offers simplicity as its main asset.

Essentially, the N7100 can help public sector offices who have a requirement for a scanner that is simple and intuitive in operation and where any number of users can scan, save and transfer their data without the need for an additional computer.

Fujitsu offer a huge network of support for their customers and so, if it is ease of use you are looking for from a network scanner, this is our pick.

Click to Purchase: https://www.thescannershop.com/fujitsu-n7100-scanner/


Kodak-Alaris ScanStation 710

Much like the Fujitsu model above, the ScanStation 710 offers a very large touchscreen display on the front.

This model is very fast for a network scanner, with a scan speed of up to 70ppm, making it the quickest on our list.

In addition, Kodak-Alaris offer service plans, such as Startup Assistance and Network Scanner Training, to improve your office’s general knowledge when it comes to document management.

Click to Purchase: https://www.thescannershop.com/kodak-scanstation-710/

Canon ScanFront 400

The latest in Canon’s successful range of ScanFront scanners, the ScanFront offers some key security features for public sector offices, such as a password log-ins, auto log-out and user information requests.

These crucial options will improve piece of mind when administrators are looking to offer levels of access to their staff, making it a good choice for procurement departments.

A relatively quick scan speed of 45ppm and cashback offer of £70* should put this high on your list when making your next purchase.

Click to Purchase: https://www.thescannershop.com/canon-scanfront-400/


*Offer lasts until March 31st, 2019

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