The business advantage with PaperStream Capture Pro

Combining PaperStream Capture Pro with Fujitsu’s industry-leading scanner technology puts your business in the fast lane. From simple set up to scanning and releasing, PaperStream Capture Pro enables you to:

• Improve productivity with better processes throughout
• Ensure compliance with records security and accessibility
• Decrease paper dependency and increase location and outsourcing flexibility
• Reduce data entry costs
• See and control investment costs with a flat fee perpetual licence scheme
• Scale from one to multiple workstations


Saving time, ensuring accuracy and optimising image quality throughout the entire capture process, PaperStream Capture Pro integrates our driver and image enhancement technology – PaperStream IP. This streamlines the process, not just while scanning, but also during the import of legacy files and even after scanning for post-scan corrections. 


Unlike most other professional capture software, the cost of your software does not increase with your scan volume. Whether you scan 1 million or 50 million documents, your cost remains the same. 


Best-in-class image processing:
• Automatic image optimisation
• PaperStream IP cleans images for improved downstream processing
• Fast review and correction
• Images can be adjusted without re-scanning

Powerful and intuitive user experience:
• Create user profiles
• One-click operation
• Versatile batch processing
• Consolidate images from multiple sources – scan and/or import image files

Document separation:
• Basic zonal OCR
• Fixed page
• Blank page
• Barcode
• Patch code

Data extraction:
• Manual – Key From Image (KFI)
• Zonal OCR – machine print (multiple fields)
• Rubberband OCR for ad-hoc jobs
• Barcodes (multiple fields)

Document and data validation:
• Regular expression validation
• Required fields
• Read-only fields
• Database lookup
• Character masking (ODBC)
• System data

• Creation of TIF, JPEG, PDF and searchable PDF formats (including PDF/A)
• Releases data as XML, CSV and TXT
• Releases index data to a folder, network folder or FTP
• Releases to SharePoint

Licenses and purchase:
• No cost-per-click or by volume
• Separate QC/Index and Import licences available
• Single or multi-station operation

At, we're pleased to confirm we'll be supplying the complete range of Paperstream Capture Pro licenses and options. Please visit our specific Paperstream Capture Pro section, to see the range of products once we have them available:

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