Free Delivery on Kodak Alaris A3 Document Scanners

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Claim free delivery from The Scanner Shop when purchasing a brand new Kodak Alaris A3 document scanner.

Promo includes sales of the new S3000 range, which are network A3 production scanners. 

Most sheet-fed scanners are available with optional flatbed units.

Scannning range includes:

Kodak Alaris S2085f (A4 scanner, with flatbed); Kodak Alaris S3060 or S3060f (with flatbed); Kodak Alaris S3100 or S3100f (with flatbed), and Kodak Alaris S3120 production scanner. 

Scanner Repair & Service
On site repair, service or replacement scanners, get a quote from our support help desk
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Scanner Consumables
Find consumables for your scanner. Roller kits, glass readers and flatbed accessories available for all brands
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The Document Management Group Ltd specialise in scanning software solutions and maintenance. Click to view site
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Bureau Service
We collect & scan your documents. Large or small volumes, organised to a very high quality standard.
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Above you will see our extensive range of Kodak Alaris scanners which are suitable for all budgets and requirements. If you require more help with a particular Kodak Alaris scanner, you can contact us directly on 0845 147 8928 where one of our specialist advisors will be happy to help you

Why Are Kodak Alaris The Favoured Scanner Of Many Users?

Kodak Alaris' scanning range accommodates for a wide variety of customers. There are standard, affordable home scanners that can transfer your A4 sized household documents into easily storable digital files ensuring you never lose them. There is also top of the range office scanners for professional use that are capable of processing up to 85 pages per minute.

Kodak Alaris Scanner Warranty

When you purchase a scanner from The Scanner Shop, we will guarantee it will come with a full 12-month Kodak Alaris warranty. This ensures that in the unlikely event your Kodak Alaris scanner is faulty and does not meet your satisfaction, you can replace it for a working model.

In addition, Kodak Alaris’ E1 and S2 range A4 desktop scanners include fantastic 3-Year Extended Warranties, with Advanced Unit Replacement service. This is a swap-out service for any faulty units with a new or refurbished model, to ensure your peace of mind.

Kodak Alaris Perfect Page Software

Perfect Page is an Image Enhancement Software tool, produced by Kodak-Alaris. It is bundled as standard, with all Kodak-Alaris scanners, and is designed to improve visibility of scanned media. This, in turn, will save your business time during the scanning process, but also when retrieving digital documents. Perfect Page features advanced image enhancement features, such as:

• De-skew and auto-cropping
• Auto-Orientation
• Auto-Brightness
• Sharpening
• Intelligent Background Colour Smoothing
• Streak Removal
• Noise Reduction

If you want to select a scanner that will save you time and produce high-quality images, look no further than Kodak-Alaris scanners, with Perfect Page scanner software.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please do not hesitate to call us.