Capture Perfect from Canon

Capture Perfect is the scanning software suite for home and office, from Canon. It speeds up your daily scanning tasks, saving time and cutting labour costs. 

In addition, Capture Perfect significantly improves the image quality of a scanned document, meaning that the digital version can end up looking clearer than the original paper version! Make light text legible, get smooth and sharp graphics and remove colours for accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) readings.

Furthermore, decide what to do with your digital image. Store in a range of files or share via email at the touch of a button.

Enjoy simpicity from start to finish.


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Capture Perfect £65.00 ex. VAT

Capture Perfect 3.1 Software for use with Canon's DR range of Document Scanners

Canon 1D Barcode Module £90.50 ex. VAT

Canon 1D Barcode Module for select Canon DR-series Scanners

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Capture Perfect 3.x scanning software comes bundled with the Canon DR range of scanners to make scanning, saving, sharing and printing documents simple. You can scan a single page, multiple single page records, batch scanning and all to file in PDF or TIFF formats, scan directly to email, to FTP or to a presentation at the touch of a button. You can setup and configure routine jobs. Edit, rearrange and manage files effortlessly. Enjoy simplicity from start to finish with the Capture Perfect 3.x scanning software and the Canon DR document scanners.

Furthermore, Capture Perfect 3.x scanning software improves image quality so that your digital documents often look even better than the originals with Advanced Text Enhancement to make the lightest text legible. Capture Perfect can help you get smooth & sharp graphics, to remove colours for accurate OCR reading (even when scanning colour, it will change to black/white read the text (for better OCR results) and save in colour. You can manually or automatically rotate images, scan unsorted documents without skewing worries and expect perfect quality every time.